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EOC Physical Science Vocab #3


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The bending of waves around a barrier; can occur when waves pass through a narrow opening.
Direct Current
Current that only moves in one direction (like a battery).
Doppler Effect
The perceived change in pitch when a moving sound passes by an observer. Waves in front have shorter wavelength and the waves in the back have a longer wavelength.
Electric Motor
A device that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy to do work.
A type of energy created by the transfer of electrons from positive and negative points within a conductor.
Electromagnetic Induction
The process that generates an electric current when a magnet is moved near a wire.
The measurement of how many waves pass a certain point in one second, measured in Hertz.
A device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. Can create an electric current when a large coil of wire is rotated in a strong magnetic field.
Magnetic Domains
A region in which the magnetic fields of atoms are grouped together and aligned.
Force of attraction or repulsion that is produced by an arrangement of electrons. Also, the properties and interactions of magnets.
Mechanical Wave
A wave that requires a medium to travel. Ex: sound waves.
Ohm's Law
Expression that states that the current is equal to the voltage difference of a circuit divided by its resistance (V=IR).
Parallel Current
Circuit with more than one path for electrical current.
Bending of a wave as it passes from one material to another.
Series Circuit
Circuit in which electrical current has only one path to flow.
The potential difference in electrons expressed in volts.