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water pollution

point source pollution
Pollutants discharged from a single identifiable location (e.g., pipes, ditches, channels, sewers, tunnels, containers of various types).
non-point source pollution
water pollution that does not have a specific point of origin
acid mine drainage
the acidic water with elevated concentrations of dissolved metals that drains from coal or metal mines.
storm water runoff
Water that drains into a water source after a rain storm occurs. This is the number one cause of non point source pollution in Pennsylvania.
yellow boy
Yellowish-orange precipitate that results from acid mine drainage. Covers the stream bottom and diminishes fish and aquatic insect habitat.
the dirt that settles on the bottom of a body of water stream, lake, or ocean
algal bloom
an immediate increase in the ammount of algae and other producers that results from a large input of a limiting nutrient
dead zone
an area with very little oxygen where organisms can't survive
cultural eutrophication
Overnourishment of aquatic ecosystems with plant nutrients (mostly nitrates and phosphates) because of human activities such as agriculture, urbanization, and discharges from industrial plants and sewage treatment plants.

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