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  1. Henry Clay
  2. John Bell
  3. Stephen A. Douglas
  4. Northwest Territory
  5. Marbury v. Madison
  1. a Wealthy slaveowner from Tennessee who served in both the House and the Senate, Bell ran for U.S. President against Lincoln, Breckinridge, and Douglas with Constitutional Union Party on moderate pro-slavery platform.
  2. b Supreme court case in which judicial review established.
  3. c An Illinois statesman who ran against Lincoln, Bell, and Breckinridge on a popular sovereignty platform for slavery. Authored Kansas-Nebraska Act, which repealed the Missouri Compromise and heightened the slavery debate.
  4. d American statesman and congressman who founded the Whig party.
  5. e Lands north of the Ohio River.

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  1. Governor of Virginia and delegate to the Constitutional Convention, proposed Virginia Plan, but refused to sign Constitutions without bill or rights.
  2. All male citizens are granted the right to vote regardless of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.
  3. 3rd President. Principal author of the Declaration of Independence and an influential Founding Father of the US. Founded the Democratic-Republican party and promoted idea of a small federal government.
  4. Promoting candidates as being from the common masses, rather than as elite gentlemen-politicians.
  5. Founding Father, served as President of Continental Congress, served as first Chief Justice of US.

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  1. James MadisonFormal withdrawal of states or regions from a nation.


  2. Public togethernessAspect of party politics in which groups o political party members would gather together in order to have more solidarity and support.


  3. Republican PartyPolitical part that stems from the controversy over slaver. Was dedicated to keeping future territories and states free from slavery.


  4. Abraham Lincoln16th President. Sought to end slavery and preserve the Union. Signed Emancipation Proclamation and delivered Gettysburg Address.


  5. George B. McClellanUnion General who failed to press his advantage at the Battle of Antietam, and was later relieved of his command by President Lincoln.


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