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  1. Antietam
  2. Louisiana Purchase
  3. Napoleon Bonaparte
  4. Frederick Jackson Turner
  5. The Federalist
  1. a Series of essays published in NY newspapers under the pseudonym Publius for the express purpose of gaining support for ratification of Constitution. Written by Madison, Hamilton, and Jay
  2. b French Emperor and European conqueror who sold France's North American holdings to the US as the Louisiana Purchase.
  3. c Severe Civl War battle that took place on September 17, 1862. Bloodiest day in American history. After battle, Lincoln issued Emancipation Proclamation.
  4. d American historian who studied and wrote about the American experience and what made it unique.
  5. e Land purchased by Thomas Jefferson from France. Consists of much of the midwest US.

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  1. Fundamental alteration in the way life is lived. Usually unnoticed because it is a slow process.
  2. Document outlining an alliance of sovereign, equal states in which there was a weak central governing Continental Congress.
  3. Slave who sued unsuccessfully for his freedom because he had lived with his owner in several free states. Ruling determined slaves were property and couldn't be freed by state laws. Ruling nullified Missouri Compromise.
  4. Court document forcing an action by a certain party.
  5. Abolished slavery in the US.

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  1. BoosterismPromoting one's town or city, sometimes in an excessive or exaggerated manner, in order to increase both its quality and its public perception.


  2. Henry ClayAlliance of southern states that seceded from the union over slavery.


  3. John JayFounding Father and proponent of a bicameral legislature. Adams served as 2nd President.


  4. William Paterson3rd President. Principal author of the Declaration of Independence and an influential Founding Father of the US. Founded the Democratic-Republican party and promoted idea of a small federal government.


  5. CounterpoiseDefensive alliance among sovereign equals.