Bio. Ch.2

20 terms by ruppd

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A hypothesis that states that living things can originate from nonlliving matter (spontaneous generation).

Asexual Reproduction

Reproduction in which a single parent gives rise to one or more individuals.


A hypothesis that living things come from other living things.


The basic unit of structure and function of an organism.


The metabolic processes involved in breaking down food into simpler substances.


All the living and nonliving factors that surround an organism.


The complete elimination of a group or organisms.


An increase in living mass.


The balanced regulation of metabolic proesses to maintain the conditions needed for life.

Life Span

The length of an organism's life.


The sum of all the chemical activities carried out by a living thing.


Consisting of more than one cell.


The process by which new individuals are produced.


The processes by which most cells obtain energy.


A reaction of an organism to a stimulus.

Sexual Reproduction

Reproduction that involves the fusion of two specialized sex cells.

Spontaneous Generation

A hypothesis that states that living thing can orinate from nonliving matter (abiogensis).


A change that can cause a reaction.


The metabolic processes by which living things combine simple substances to form more complex substances.


Consisting of a single cell.

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