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non living fluid matrix
primarily water, noncellular


red blood cell
contains hemoglobin


gragments to form platelets


granular leukocyte
increases durin allergy attacks
(white blood cell type)


granular leukocyte
releases histamine during inflammatory reactions
least numerous leukocyte
(white blood cell)


activeley phagocytic leukocyte
agranular leykocyte
increases in number during prolonged infections
(white blood cell)


most numerous leukocyte
granular leukocyte


agranular leukocyte
after originating in bone marrow, may be formed in lymphoid tissue

formed elements

blood cells are examples


universal donor


universal recipient

transfusion reaction

a reaction in which plasma anti bodies attach to and lyse red blood cells different from you own

blood types

A, B, AB, O

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