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You can distribute the spacing of rown and columns evenly.


When editing a table, you can insert or delete only one row or one column at a time.


To guide the eye from one column to the next, it is acceptable to use leaders.


You should never use a center tab unless the data in the columns is a number containing a decimal.


You can move rows and columns in a table using drag and drop in the same way you move text in a document.


You can add shading to table cells.


You should neveruse tabs if you have more than two columns.


When creating multiple columns using tabs, if you align your first column at the left margin then you should align your last column at the right margins.


To align numbers at the decimal you should use a left tab.


Each time the ENTER key is pressed, Word creates a new paragraph.


Either the mouse or the keyboard can be used to scroll to a different location in a document.


Although text cannot be seen once it scrolls off the screen, it remains in the document.


Word inserts text to the right of the insertion point.


In Word, the default typing mode is overtype mode.


To follow the MLA style, single-space text on all pages with one and a half-inch top and bottom margins, and one-inch left and right margins.


According to MLA style, on each page of the research paper, precede the page number by the title of the paper.


The MLA style uses the term bibliographical refrences for works cited.


To count words, click the Word Count indicator on the Home tab to display the Word Count dialog box.


The MLA style requires that the works cited be listed in alphabetical order by the author's last name or, if the work has no author, by the work's title.


From within word, you can search through various forms of reference information.


You can use the Ignore All button in the Spelling and Grammar dialog box.


A resume allows you to elaborate on positive points in your cover letter.


In Word, a paragraph can be both left-aligned and right-aligned at the same time.


To move a custom tab stop, drag the tab marker to the desired location on the ruler.


To remove a custom tab stop, right-click the tab marker on the ruler and then click Remove on the shortcut menu.


A quick way to merge cells is to use the

C. Eraser tool

What is the pattern used to fill in the background of table cells called?

B. Shading

When creating columns using tabs, a column with decimal numbers should be aligned by using what type of tab?

C. Decimal

If you with to create an "eye line" between columns of data, you should use what?

B. Leaders

When creating a Table of Contents, it can be helpful to guide the eye from column to column by using

B. Leaders such as dots or dashes

If you wish to align data at the right margin and have the text flow to the left, you should use a ____ tab.

A. right

Pressing the ____ key on the keyboard dislpays a Key Tip Badge.


To select a command using the keyboard, press its displayed code letter, or ____.

B. Key Tip

To enter a blank line into a document, press the ____ key without typing any text on the line.


____ formatting is the process of changing the way letter, numbers, punctuation marks, and symbols appear on the screen in print.

B. Character

____ are words or phrases that describe a document.

D. Keywords

To save an existing document with a different file name, use ____.

D. Save as on the Office Button menu.

The Word Count button on the Review tab displays the number of words as well as the number of ____ in the current document.

A. Lines B. Characters C. Paragraphs D. All of the above

D. All of the above

With ____ editing, the selected item is moved to the new location and then inserted there.

A. Drag-and-Drop

The ____ is a temporary Windows storage area.

B. Clipboard

____ is the process of copying an item from the Clipboard into the document at the location of the insertion point.

C. Pasting

A(n) ____ is a book of synonyms.

D. Thesaurus

A(n) ____ is a placeholder for data whose contents can change.

C. Field

The rule is to press the SPACEBAR ____ time(s) after periods, colons, and other punctuation marks.

A. one

A letterhead should contain all of the following EXCEPT ____.

D. objective

Word provides a(n) ____ button, which increases the font size of selected text each time you click the button.

A. Grow Font

To change the color of text back to black you can select the text, click the Font Color button arrow, and then click ____ on the Font Color gallery.

D. Automatic

____ is a predefined graphic.

A. Clip Art

In a business letter, type the ____ at least four blank lines below the complimentary close, allowing room for the author to sign his or her name.

C. Signature Block

A(n) ____ is a dot or other symbol positioned at the beginning of a paragraph.

A. Bullet

Matching Word Bank

A. Template B. Resume C. Cover Letter D. Letterhead E. Task Pane F. Clip Art G. Building Block H. Dimension I. Cell J. Content Control

Useful when you use the same text or graphic frequently.

G. Building Block

The total number of rows and columns required in a table.

H. Dimension

A predefined graphic.

F. Clip art

A separate window that enables you to carry out some Word tasks more efficiently.

E. Task Pane

Preprinted on stationery that everyone in the company uses for correspondence.

D. Letterhead

Contains instructions for filling areas of a template.

J. Content Control

The intersection of a row and column.

I. Cell

Usually contains the applicant's educational background and job experience.

B. Resume

Enables you to elaborate on positive points in your resume.

C. Cover Letter

Similar to a form with prewritten text.

A. Template

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