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  1. False
  2. B
  3. equator
  4. legend
  5. direction
  1. a an imaginary line that runs east and west but measures north and south at 0 degrees
  2. b identifies the symbols used on a map
  3. c True or False?
    All Canadian provinces are strongly united and unlikely to separate
  4. d the point toward which something faces or the line along which something lies
  5. e Each country in the world has all of the following characteristics EXCEPT
    a-A population that an vary greatly in size, density, and diversity
    b-Natural borders, such as mountains that seperate it from other countries
    c-A government that makes and enforces public policies and provides for common needs
    d-the ability to rule itself by establishing its own policies and determining its own course of action

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  1. True or False?
    Human geography is the study of landforms
  2. runs east and west but measures north and south in degrees other than 0
  3. True or False?
    A lock is used to raise or lower ships from one water level to another
  4. tropical swampland tree
  5. Provides for life-changing services

    d-social organizations

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  1. CThe Midwest is called "the nations breadbasket" because
    a-millions of loaves of bread are produced there daily
    b-because its the crossroads of the U.S
    c-because its the region that produces most of the nations grain, dairy products, and hogs
    d-most of the nations fruit and vegetables are grown there


  2. AThe Smallest Province

    a- Albeta
    b- British Columbia
    D-New Brunswick
    F-Northwest Territories
    G-Nova Scotia
    J-Prince Edward Island
    M-Yukon Territory


  3. urbinizationthe grwoth of city populations


  4. ACompared with people in the Prarie Provinces, the residents of British Columbia are
    a-more likely to have higher incomes
    b-less likely to live in cities
    c-more likely to be employed in the oil industry
    d-less likely to be immigrants


  5. CAll of the following are accurate statements about governments in Central America EXCEPT:

    a-in most central american countries, a small minority of rich people dominates the government
    b-for many years, the government in NIcaragua was controlled by one family
    c-for many years, guatemala was ruled by a series of military dictators
    d-El Salvador is one of the few central american countries that has historically had a democratically elected government