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  1. Mass percent
  2. Consequences of IMF: Vapor Pressure
  3. Henry's Law
  4. Freezing point depression
  5. Osmotic pressure
  1. a osmosis: solvent will flow through a semi-permeable membrane that separates a solution from a pure solvent
    - the solution will be diluted
    - the solvent will flow from low to high concentration
    the pressure that is applies to high concentration side to stop the flow of solvent is osmotic pressure
  2. b vapor pressure is the partial pressure of vapor over a liquid
    stronger IMF makes lower vapor pressure because it is harder to evaporate the material
  3. c - the freezing point of a solution is lower than the freezing point of the pure solvent
  4. d like dissolves like
  5. e mass solute over mass solution

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  1. way to determine the amount of a compound present by knowing a concentration and volume of one compound and the volume of the other
  2. an extreme case of dipole-dipole interactions. Only occurs when hydrogen in directly bonded to N, O, F.
  3. mass solute over volume of solution
  4. stronger IMF give higher melting points
  5. a measure of a fluid's resistance to flow
    - strong IMF leads to high viscosities

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  1. Depositiongas to solid remove PE


  2. Dispersion of London Forcesattractive forces between molecules


  3. Why do solutions form?solution concentration is less than the cell fluid concentration
    - H2O flows into cell and it swells


  4. intermolecular forcesattractive forces between molecules


  5. weak electrolyte solutionwill partially ionize in H2O