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  1. Surface tension
  2. supersaturated solution
  3. Mass percent
  4. entropy
  5. Tyndal effect
  1. a light will scatter on a colloid because of the larger particles
  2. b amount of energy required to stretch or increase the surface of liquid by a unit of area; strength of this "skin" is directly proportional to the IMF
  3. c a measure of E randomization or E dispersal
  4. d mass solute over mass solution
  5. e contains more solute than the solvent would ordinarily dissolve

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  1. solution concentration is less than the cell fluid concentration
    - H2O flows into cell and it swells
  2. substance present in the largest amount
  3. quantified amount of solute in a solvent
  4. contains max amount of solute that can dissolve in solvent
  5. - when a solute is adapted to a solvent, then the vapor pressure is lowered

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  1. Viscositya measure of a fluid's resistance to flow
    - strong IMF leads to high viscosities


  2. Titrationsattraction between the same molecules (H2O and H2O)


  3. What does the phase of a pure substance depend on?IMF, temperature, pressure


  4. Consequences of IMF: Vapor Pressurevapor pressure is the partial pressure of vapor over a liquid
    stronger IMF makes lower vapor pressure because it is harder to evaporate the material


  5. Osmotic pressurebalanced inside and outside concentration