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  1. Isosmotic solution
  2. colloid
  3. Consequences of IMF: Vapor Pressure
  4. Osmotic pressure
  5. Freezing point depression
  1. a - the freezing point of a solution is lower than the freezing point of the pure solvent
  2. b osmosis: solvent will flow through a semi-permeable membrane that separates a solution from a pure solvent
    - the solution will be diluted
    - the solvent will flow from low to high concentration
    the pressure that is applies to high concentration side to stop the flow of solvent is osmotic pressure
  3. c a dispersion of particles of one substance throughout a dispersing medium of another substance
    - this is not like a solution because the particles are larger and they do not mix homogenously
  4. d balanced inside and outside concentration
  5. e vapor pressure is the partial pressure of vapor over a liquid
    stronger IMF makes lower vapor pressure because it is harder to evaporate the material

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  1. IMF, temperature, pressure
  2. attractive forces between molecules
  3. doesn't conduct electricity (no ions present)(sugar)
  4. stronger IMF causes higher boiling points
  5. solid to liquid add PE

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  1. solutiontwo or more components mixed such that the mixture is the same throughout


  2. Mole fractionquantified amount of solute in a solvent


  3. Vapor Pressure Lowering- when a solute is adapted to a solvent, then the vapor pressure is lowered


  4. Condensationquantified amount of solute in a solvent


  5. Molalitymoles of solute over Kg of solvent