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  1. Boiling point elevation
  2. cohesion
  3. Consequences of IMF: Melting Point
  4. solubility is effected by
  5. Deposition
  1. a temperature
    - solubility of a solid in a liquid increases with a temp increase
    - solubility of a gas in liquid decreases with a temp increase
    - solubility of a solid in liquid is not effected by pressure
    - solubility of a gas in liquid increases with an increase in pressure
  2. b - boiling point of solvent increases when solute is added (solution is favored over the two separate because the solution has more disorder which is favored by entropy)
  3. c gas to solid remove PE
  4. d stronger IMF give higher melting points
  5. e attraction between the same molecules (H2O and H2O)

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  1. quantified amount of solute in a solvent
  2. solutions form when the solvent-solute interactions are stronger than the solute-solute and solvent-solvent interactions
  3. forces between atoms within a molecule
  4. this is a change in the potential energy, meaning the arrangement of molecules is changed and not speed (no temperature change)
  5. properties that depend only on the amount of the solute present, not on the type of solute.

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  1. Isosmotic solutionsolution concentration is less than the cell fluid concentration
    - H2O flows into cell and it swells


  2. Heat of hydration is exothermic...


  3. non-electrolyte solutiondoesn't conduct electricity (no ions present)(sugar)


  4. Condensationattraction between the same molecules (H2O and H2O)


  5. Molalitymoles of solute over liters of solution


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