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When did Illinois become a state?


First state capital


Second state capital


Current capital


How many constitutions has Illinois had?


Year the present constitution was adopted?


How many amendments have been added?

Bill of Rights

Article I of the constitution


Number of articles in Article I

Powers of the State

What is article II?

Separation of Powers

Section 1 of Article II

Powers of Government

Section 2 of Article II

Suffrage and Elections

What is article III?

18, Permanent Resident for 30+ Days, U.S. Citizen

Three requirements to vote

Convicted Felon

Being a _________ ____________ disqualifies you from voting.

Every Even Number Year

How often does the general election take place?

The Legislature

What is article IV?

General Assembly

Name of the Legislative body?

Make Laws

Main duty of the legislative body?

Senate and House of Representatives

Two houses of the general assembly?

Legislative Districts

Name of the districts that state senators are elected from?


Number of legislative districts?


How many state senators from each district?

2 or 4 Years

Term for a senator?

Representative Districts

Name of the districts representatives are elected from?


What are districts based on?


Number of representative districts in Illinois?


Number of reps from each district?

2 Years

Term for reps?

21, Citizen of District for 2 Years Prior to Election, U.S. Citizen

Qualifications to be part of the general assembly?

Compact, Contiguous, Equal in Population

Three characteristics of a district?

General Election

How are senators and reps elected?

2 Years

How long is a term of the general assembly?


How often must the general assembly meet per term?

The Governor

Who can call a special session of the General Assembly?

Senate President

Presiding officer of the senate?

Chosen by Senators

How is the Senate President chosen?

Speaker of the House

Presiding officer of the House?

Reps Choose

How is the Speaker chosen?

Either House

Where must all bills originate before they become law?

A Majority

What vote is needed in a house before it is sent to the other one?

30 Days

How long does the general assembly have to present the bill to the governor after passing a bill?

It Becomes Law

What happens to a bill when it is signed by the Governor?

Goes Back to the General Assembly

What happens to a bill if it is vetoed by the Governor?

Item Veto

Vetoing a Section of a Bill


What kind of bill is an item veto used on?

Amendatory Veto

Returning a bill in amended form


Vote needed by the general assembly to override a veto?

15 Days

How long does the general assembly have to override a bill vetoed by the governor?

Legislative Immunity

Protects legislatures from liability in a civil lawsuit for duties performed with office jurisdiction.

House Impeaches, Senate Convicts

Two steps/houses of the impeachment process?

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

Who presides over impeachment trial of a Governor?

2/3 Vote by Senate

What vote by whom is needed to convict an impeachment?


Article V

Enforce Laws

Official duty of exec branch?

Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Comptroller/Treasurer

Six officers of the exec branch?

General Election

How are exec officers elected?

Joint Election

Governor/Lieutenant Governor on the same ticket?

4 Years

Term for exec officers?

US Citizen, 25 Years Old, Resident of State for 3 years prior

Qualifications to be exec officer?

Governor Appoints

How are vacancies filled in the exec branch?

Lieutenant Governor

What position is not filled in the exec branch if it becomes vacant?

Supreme Executive Power

Ability to execute powers of the exec branch.

Appointing Power

Ability to appoint non-elected officials


removing non-elected officials.


ability to remove sentences in state crimes.

Legislative Message

Bills the Governor wants introduced/passed

Lieutenant Governor

Governor's top advisor.

Attorney General

Legal officer of the state

Secretary of State

keeper of the great seal of Illinois and responsible for DMVs.


Top fiscal officer, pays bills


State's banker/investor.

Interpret Laws

Main duty of the judicial branch

Supreme, Appellate, Circuit

3 Levels of Courts in Illinois

Judicial Circuits

sections of the state broken up to decide circuit courts


Each circuit must have how many counties?

Compact, Contiguous, Equal in Population

3 qualifications each circuit must have

1 Circuit Court

How many/what type of courts must each Judicial circuit have?


Number of judicial circuits in Illinois?


What type of jurisdiction do circuit courts have?

General Election

How are circuit judges chosen to their position?

6 Years

Term for circuit judges

US citizen, Licensed Attorney of the State, Resident of the Unit

Qualifications to be a circuit judge

Associate Judges

Judges that help out circuit judges

4 Years

Term for associate judges

Judicial Districts

Sections of a state divided to elect appellate/supreme court judges


How many judicial districts are in the state of Illinois?


Minimum number of appellate judges that each appellate division must have?


What type of jurisdiction do the appellate courts have?


How many judges are needed in the appellate court to decide a case?


What is used to establish judicial circuits and districts?

10 Years

Term for an appellate court judge?


Number of judges on the Illinois supreme court?

General Election

How are supreme court judges chosen?

3 from the first, 1 from the rest

How many judges are selected from each judicial district?


Number of supreme court judges needed to make a quorum?

10 Years

Term for a supreme court judge

Chief Justice

Head of the supreme court?

Selected by Supreme Court Judges

How is the Chief Justice elected?

3 Years

Term for the Chief Justice?

Original and Appellate

Type of jurisdiction supreme court has?

Counties, Municipalities, Townships, Special Districts, and Other Designated Units

5 units of local government


Cities, Villages, Incorporated Towns


Units of local government that have limited governmental powers.


How many counties does Illinois have?

County Clerk, Treasurer, Sheriff

3 officers each county must elect

4 years

Term of county officers

General Election

How are county officers elected?


Parts of Counties

General Assembly

Who is responsible for the establishment of townships?

General Assembly

Who has the power to tax in Illinois?


Who is the head of the state militia?

All able-bodied persons in the state except those exempted by law

Who is eligible for the state militia?


Article XI

A Healthful Environment

What are all Illinois citizens guaranteed?

Constitutional Revision

Article XIV


State Bird

White-Tail Deer

State Animal


State Fish

Square Dance

State Dance

Tully Monster

State Fossil


State Mineral

White Oak

State Tree

Monarch Butterfly

State Insect


State Flower

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