15 terms

Q15 exam 3

The external area surrounding the vagina and urethra of the human female is the ___. In the cat this is an internal canal.
In the female, the crura are known as the ____.
labia majora
The depression between the uterus and rectum, which is lined with peritoneum,is called the __
rectouterine pouch
The anterior portion of the pelvic diaphragm is the __-this makes up the majority of the pelvic diaphragm.
levator ani m
The canal connecting the vagina to the uterus is the __
The __ is the female structure that is a homolog to the penis of the male.
The erectile cylinder of the male that houses the urethra in the penis is the ___.
corpus spongiosum
The __ is the name for the socket where the head of the femur articulates with the os coxa
The __ forms a collar shaped structure around the male urethra. It contributes fluids to the mass known as semen.
prostate gland
The __ is the muscle attached to the bulb of the penis. It anchors the penis to the urogenital diaphragm
Anteriorly the __,the left and right __,and posteriorly the ___ form the pelvic outlet.
inferior edge of the public symphysis, ischial tuberosity, inferior tip of the coccyx.
superior bone of the os coxa is the
The pelvic outlet can be divided into two areas, the __ and the __.
anterior urogenital triangle , posterior anal triangle
The female pelvis is characterized by ___,___,___,and __.
wide ovale pelvic inlet,cylinder shaped pelvic cavity,round pelvic outlet ,wide pubic arch 80-85 degrees
The male pelvis is characterized by __,___,__and__.
heart shaped pelvic inlet,funnel shaped pelvic cavity,narrow oval pelvic outlet, narrow pubic arch 50-60 degrees