Comm Theory- Muted group theory

_____ language aids in defining, depreciating and excluding women.
Man-made language
When people w/ little power have trouble giving voice to their thoughts because they must re-encode them in the dominant language.
People with little power who have trouble giving voice to their perceptions because they must rencode their thoughts to make them understood in the public sphere.
Muted group
What 3 ways can muting be changed?
Networking, Coining new terms, Listening.
With the way it is now, muted groups have to ______ the way they talk to be heard as men talk.
What is the ultimate goal of the Muted group theory?
To change the man-made linguistic system that keeps women "in their place."
What does Kramarae assume about men muting women? What does Tannen view instead?
Kramarae thinks the muting of women is intentional UU Tannen says problems are cause by men and women's different styles conflicting.