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  1. The ruler that was named emperor of the Romans by the pope and improved education in the Frankish community was-
  2. Choose the correct listing of a feudal society in Western Europe from the highest to lowest
  3. The creation of the Parliament was significant to England because it provided-
  4. In which of the following ancient civilizations did the first democracy develop?
  5. The Hellenistic culture is a blend of which two cultures?
  1. a Charlemagne
  2. b Greece
  3. c Kings & Queens, Church officials & nobles, knights, peasants
  4. d Representation of the Population
  5. e The Greek and Persian cultures

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  1. Ban them from the church
  2. Provided a limited outline of rights for England's ordinary people
  3. Civic Duty & Participation
  4. the acropolis
  5. Design of the arc

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  1. Which of the following was considered most important by ancient Greek philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle?Reason


  2. The code of conduct that the knights followed was called-Indus River, Ganges River


  3. Name the philosopher that taught by asking questions that forced the students to question their values and ideas.Socrates


  4. It was difficult for the Greeks to unite as one because-Greek traders and aristocrats would colonize other parts of the world after his army would conquer the land


  5. The two most important rivers in India are:Heiroglyphics