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  1. What was the remarkable contribution of the Han Dynasty that established a central government system?
  2. The ancient Greek, Pythagoras, is best remember for his contribution to--
  3. The ______ was the most powerful and influential group of the three governing bodies in the early republic of Rome.
  4. The two most important rivers in India are:
  5. It was difficult for the Greeks to unite as one because-
  1. a The Mountainous Terrain
  2. b Civil Service
  3. c Math
  4. d Senate
  5. e Indus River, Ganges River

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  1. The first written law code
  2. Cultural Diffusion
  3. Chivalry
  4. Drama
  5. Justinian

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  1. The center of a city-state placed on top of a hill is known as-the acropolis


  2. Name the unbiased historical writer know for his writings of the Peloponnesian War.Thucydides


  3. The Mayans established their civilization on the ___________ PeninsulaThe Spaniards led by Cortes brought disease conquered by the Aztecs


  4. Ancient Greeks were responsible for all of the following except the--Math


  5. In 1066, group referred to as the Normans invaded England under the command of-The Mountainous Terrain