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  1. Which of the following forms of literature originated in ancient Greece?
  2. In the middle ages, the parish priest would collect 10 percent of a Christian person's income, or a _____
  3. The importance of Draco, archon of Athens in 621 B.C., is that he developed-
  4. The Romans made improvements to their civilization bu providing running water from bridge-like structures called
  5. Which of the following was considered most important by ancient Greek philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle?
  1. a Reason
  2. b Tithe
  3. c The first written law code of Athens
  4. d Drama
  5. e Aquaducts

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  1. 3rd
  2. Heiroglyphics
  3. Representation of the Population
  4. The Greek and Persian cultures
  5. Nile, Tigris-Eurphrates,

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  1. The Code of HammurabiThe Spaniards led by Cortes brought disease conquered by the Aztecs


  2. To assimilate a portion of one culture with another is know as-Heiroglyphics


  3. Buddhism was established when _____ sat under a tree and meditated to understand the truth that forms the basis of life.Siddhartha Gautama


  4. Name the unbiased historical writer know for his writings of the Peloponnesian War.Heiroglyphics


  5. Ancient Athenians served as a model for Western societies because they believed in--Design of the arc