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  1. The Battle of Thermopylae, was significant because-
  2. In 1066, group referred to as the Normans invaded England under the command of-
  3. Choose the correct listing of a feudal society in Western Europe from the highest to lowest
  4. Ancient Greeks were responsible for all of the following except the--
  5. What was the remarkable contribution of the Han Dynasty that established a central government system?
  1. a Civil Service
  2. b Kings & Queens, Church officials & nobles, knights, peasants
  3. c Design of the arc
  4. d William the Conqueror
  5. e Greece was unified

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  1. Aquaducts
  2. Charlemagne
  3. Hinduism
  4. The Mountainous Terrain
  5. Trojan War

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  1. Which of the following was an important invention of China's ancient Han Dynasty?Paper


  2. The Silk Road was very important to the ancient world because....It was a crucial trade route stretching from the Mediterranean to Asia region.


  3. The importance of Draco, archon of Athens in 621 B.C., is that he developed-The first written law code of Athens


  4. The Philosophy that taught about the importance of family, respect for one's elders, and reverence for the past and one;s ancestors was-Confucianism


  5. To assimilate a portion of one culture with another is know as-Cultural Diffusion