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  1. What Mauryn king grew tired of fighting bloody wars and converted to Buddhism?
  2. The Hellenistic culture is a blend of which two cultures?
  3. The most feared invaders of Western Europe during the 800's-900's A.D. were the-
  4. The Russian city of Moscow was also known as the ___ Rome
  5. Name the philosopher that taught by asking questions that forced the students to question their values and ideas.
  1. a The Greek and Persian cultures
  2. b 3rd
  3. c Socrates
  4. d Vikings
  5. e Asoka

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  1. Eastern Orthodox
  2. Nile, Tigris-Eurphrates,
  3. India
  4. Greece
  5. Charlemagne

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  1. In 1066, group referred to as the Normans invaded England under the command of-William the Conqueror


  2. The common crop of Native Americans produced in Central America is-Ban them from the church


  3. How did Alexander the Great spread Greek culture?Greek traders and aristocrats would colonize other parts of the world after his army would conquer the land


  4. Homer's classic The Illiad depicts the history of the-Trojan War


  5. The oldest tribe located in Meso-America were known as the-Olmecs


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