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  1. The code of conduct that the knights followed was called-
  2. Which religion from India is the 3rd largest religion practiced in the world today?
  3. The Romans made improvements to their civilization bu providing running water from bridge-like structures called
  4. Identify the four major river valleys that are responsible for the birth of civilization
  5. The Silk Road was very important to the ancient world because....
  1. a Nile, Tigris-Eurphrates,
  2. b It was a crucial trade route stretching from the Mediterranean to Asia region.
  3. c Chivalry
  4. d Aquaducts
  5. e Hinduism

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  1. Siddhartha Gautama
  2. Kings & Queens, Church officials & nobles, knights, peasants
  3. The Greek and Persian cultures
  4. The first written law code of Athens
  5. William the Conqueror

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  1. To assimilate a portion of one culture with another is know as-Cultural Diffusion


  2. The Egyptian style of writing is know as-Heiroglyphics


  3. In the middle ages, the parish priest would collect 10 percent of a Christian person's income, or a _____Corn


  4. Homer's classic The Illiad depicts the history of the-Trojan War


  5. How did Alexander the Great spread Greek culture?The Spaniards led by Cortes brought disease conquered by the Aztecs