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7b U.S. Constitution


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The Constitutional Convention was located in ________________.
The Executive Branch _________________ the laws
The Legislative Branch ________________ the laws.
The Judicial Branch _______________________
decides if the laws are fair.
Each state receives an equal number of votes in the __________.
House of Representatives
Each state is represented by their population in the ______________.
The U.S. Constitution
Replaced the weak and unsuccessful Articles of Confederation.
The Bill of Rights
The first 10 amendments to the Constitution.
The Constitutional Convention
Meeting where the Constitution was written
The Bill of Rights provides
a written guarantee of individual rights
The U.S. Constitution
established a federal system of government
Two freedoms protected by the Bill of Rights
freedom of speech and freedom of religion
Articles of Confederation
Weaknesses in the ________________ led to the effort to create a new constitution.
State _____________ met in Philadelphia to create a new constitution.
Great Compromise
The _____________ ______________________ decided how many votes each state would have in the Senate & the House of Representatives.
A majority of 9 of the 13 states had to vote in favor of the Constitution before it could become ______.
The three _____________ of government include: Executive, Judicial, & Legislative.
George Washington
_________________ _________________ was elected president of the Constitutional Convention.