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7c First Five Presidents


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First President
George Washington
Second President
John Adams
Third President
Thomas Jefferson
Fourth President
James Madison
Fifth President
James Monroe
George Washington was president when the _______________ was established.
federal court system
George Washington was president when the _______________ to the Constitution of the United States of America.
The Bill of Rights was added
an African American astronomer and surveyor, helped complete the design for the city.
Benjamin Banneker
John Adams was president when ______________________________
a two-party system emerged during his administration
Thomas Jefferson was president when
he bought Louisiana from France (the Louisiana Purchase).
These men explored new land west of the Mississippi River
Lewis and Clark
James Madison was president when _____________________________________
The War of l812 caused European nations to gain respect for the United States.
James Monroe was president when ______________________________________
he introduced the Monroe Doctrine warning European nations not to interfere in the Western Hemisphere.
Which of the first five presidents was NOT from Virginia?
John Adams