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1. Stealing
-embezzling, taking office supplies, stealing food, stealing money etc

2. Lying
-directly saying things that aren't true
-could lie about a product defect
-people lie on their resumes

3. Fraud and Deceit
-cheating or perpetuating
-pretending to do all the work yourself
-taking credit for work you didn't do
-pretending you're someone you're not

4. Conflict of Interest and Influence Buying
-doing something for someone else that conflicts against your own company's rules
-taking bribes or payoffs in exchange for something

5. Hiding or Divulging Info
-hiding: hiding info that other people have the right to know
-divulging: giving out information that you're not allowed to
-ex: insider trading

6. Cheating
-taking unfair advantage of a situation
-ex: olympics-Taking steroids
-at work- lying on expense report, lying on timesheet

7. Personal Decadence
-aiming below excellence in work
-doing sloppy or poor work
-doing purposefully sloppy work in order to get positive or negative advantage

8. Interpersonal Abuse
-emotionally abuse others
-organizational abuse
-sexual harassment
-organization has practices that abuses members
-people getting paid differently
-asking someone to do something that doesn't align with values
-staying late
-doing things that aren't part of the job description

9. Organizational Abuse
-Organizations having practices that abuse their members, ex: misusing powers, asking you to stay late and not paying you for it, asking you to do something that isn't part of your job description

10. Rule Violations
-you breaking the rules
-bringing people into your work or giving out things for free

11. Accessory to unethical acts
-if you see someone doing something unethical and don't say anything

12. Ethical Dilemmas
-choosing between two undesirable or desireable choices
-ex used in class: 3 friends all get drugs, 2 of the friends go home and the last friend gets caught with all the drugs. Government gives them options: either the 2 friends have to come back and everyone serves 7 years or the one friend that gets caught gets executed.
-Hostile aggressives: very openly emotional, rude
-You want to remain calm and in control
-Clams: someone who doesn't talk; unresponsive
-Keep asking open ended questions and eventually make a decision if they continue to be unresponsive
-Snipers: people in the background during a presentation making public comments
-Put the person on the spots; snippers are hiding so they don't like to be called out
-Superagreeables: someone who promises things they can't keep, always nice to you
-Talk to them ahead of time and make sure they know you value them as a person, make sure they are making realistic commitments
-Complainers: external locus of control,
-Make sure to focus on solutions, listen and acknowledge what the complainer is saying
-Negativists: negative about everything
-Give them a different perspective, "what's the worst thing that could happen"; you want to direct them towards solutions
-Know-it-alls: think they know everything, tend to be oh so smart, usually results from being insecure
-Ask them questions, sometimes they'll catch their own inconsistencies
-Indecisive Stallers: have problems making decisions, think they're gonna make a mistake
-Set up deadlines to make decisions, help them make little decisions, help them know that if they don't make decisions by a certain deadline you'll have to make the decision for them
-Chronic talkers/interrupters: constantly talking/interrupting
-Might have to interrupt them
-Cryers: cry during discussion
-Support them but still tell them the feedback you were going to give them