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Exam 1

Today, people go through ________ earlier than 100 years ago, but tend to stay in _______ longer.
puberty; school
Jacob is looking forward to the upcoming presidential election because he is now able to cast his vote. Based on your knowledge of the social redefinition of adolescence, what has Jacob attained?
the age of majority
Among those who study adolescence, an inventionist is one who:
argues that adolescence as a period in the life cycle is mainly a social invention
Adolescence was not considered a distinct transitional period until
the industrial revolution
The Boy Scouts is an example of an organization that grew out of the _____ school of thought
child protectionist
Which of the following statements is true about Arnett's concept of emerging adulthood?
it exists in all cultures
Research described in the text indicates all of the following except:
nearly all juveniles under 15 years old are competent to stand trial in a criminal proceeding
The accentuation of differences between sexes during the social redefinition of adolescence occurs partly because of:
all of the above

(the physical changes of puberty, adult work roles are highly sex-differentiated, adult family roles are highly sex differentiated)
The Bas Mitzvah, the confirmation, and the quinceanera are all examples of:
initiation ceremonies
When asked "what is the criteria for deciding when someone is no longer an adolescent but is now an adult?", contemporary American youths most frequently reply..
accepting responsibility for one's self
Charles feels older than most of the other kids in his grade. He is more likely to engage in all of the following activities EXCEPT:
greater achievement in school
The current school-to-work transition in America is considered a:
discontinuous transition
The National Research Council suggests that high rates of youth employment, juvenile delinquency, and teenage alcoholism may all stem from the:
lack of clarity and continuity in the transition from adolescence to adulthood
The transition into adulthood is more likely to be impeded among minority teenagers because they:
are more likely to grow up poor.
Bickering and squabbling between teenagers and their parents is largely caused by:
adolescents' ability to formulate counterarguments
Joey enjoys playing the devil's advocate and is always stirring up discussions with his contrary positions. This ability may be referred to as:
hypothetical thinking
Mindy can understand the metaphor, "my heart is an open book," because she is able to focus on the:
abstract and conceptual relations
The ability to think about one's own thoughts is called:
Research testing Elkind's theory of adolescent egocentrism has found that certain aspects:
may remain present throughout the adolescent and adult years.
What thought process helps adolescents appreciate the sarcasm and satire of Mad magazine and The Simpsons
multidimensional thinking
The extreme skepticism observed in many adolescents is most likely a result of:
seeing knowledge as relative rather than as absolute
The transition from concrete operational thought to formal operational thought occurs:
very gradually and unevenly across domains of functioning
Which of the following statements about the changes in information-processing abilities during adolescence is false?
there are advances in short-term but not long-term memory
All of the following statements about structural and functional change involving the prefrontal cortex during adolescence are true except:
new neurons are produced in great numbers in adolescence, then synaptic pruning begins around age 20
According to the text, puberty involves all of the following except:
increases in intellectual functioning
Which of the following statements about the production of hormones at puberty is FALSE?
the body begins to produce several hormones that have not been present in the body up until this time
The presence or absence of certain hormones early in life may "program" the brain and the nervous system to develop in certain ways later on. These hormones are considered:
Which of the following observations suggests that rising levels of the protein leptin is the most important signal that the body is ready for puberty?
Excessive thinness can delay onset of puberty.
At the time of the peak height velocity, adolescents grow at about the same rate as:
The adolescent growth spurt:
generally begains two years earlier for girls than for boys
Which of the following is NOT characteristic of changes in skeletal structure during puberty?
Height gains are attributable more to increases in torso length than leg length.
Who is at the greatest risk of developing body dissatisfaction?
Callie, an early-maturing, affluent Caucasian girl who compares herself to her friends.
Although both sexes experience changes in muscle tissue and body fat, the ratio of muscle to body fat is:
greater in boys than girls
The first sign of puberty in girls is generally:
budding of the breasts
Which of the following statements about puberty in girls is FALSE?
menarche occurs very early in the process of sexual development.
Which of the following can delay the onset of puberty?
all of the above

(stress, nutritional deficiencies, excessive exercise)
Professor Kendall has been researching adolescent maturation around the world. She is likely to find that all of the following contribute to the secular trend, except:
Which of the following plays the greatest role in the development of depressing?
stressful life events
Joe is extremely moody. His mother attributes his mood swings to being an adolescent. Based on your understanding of adolescent mood swings, what would you tell Joe's mom?
Joe's moods are most likely linked to his daily activities
Follow-up studies of men who had been late maturers as adolescents revealed that as adults they are:
more insignful and inventive
In America, early-maturing girls are more likely than their late-maturing peers to:
have a lower self-image
Karen has been known to exercise excessively, count calories, and diet obsessively. She is currently depriving herself of food even though she is 20 pounds underweight. Karen is probably suffering from:
anorexia nervosa
The more virulent threats to adolescent health come from all of the following, except
chronic disabilities, such as cancer and arthritis
According to G. Stanley Hall, the experiences of the adolescent
are inherently marked by 'storm and stress'
A psychologist from the _______ perspective would be MOST concerned about the presence of graphic violence in films that adolescents see.
social learning