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NOT a function of oxytocin

~stimulation of menstruation

Growth hormone

~anterior pituitary


~ adrenal cortex

Luteinizing Hormone

~ anterior pituitary


~ alpha cells of pancreatic islets

Antiduretic hormone

~ posterior pituitary


~ adrenal cortex


~ thymus


~ pineal


~ anterior pituitary


~ thyroid

Adrenocorticotropic Hormone

~ anterior pituitary


~ thyroid


~ adrenal cortex


~ posterior pituitary


~ beta cells of pancreatic islets

Thyroid-stimulating hormone

~ anterior pituitary

Estrogens do NOT do

~ stimulate growth of facial hair

Steroid hormones directly influence the DNA of their target cells

~ True

The element necessary in the diet for proper thyroid function

~ iodine

NOT typical of the changes that follow the binding of hormone to its target cells

~ cellular maturation occurs

Insulin causes

~ a decrease in the concentration of blood glucose

The hormone that triggers ovulation of an egg from the female ovary is

~ luteinizing hormone

NOT produced by the hypothalamus

~ thyroid- stimulationg hormone

NOT one of the major process controlled by hormones

~ body coordination

NOT produced by the adrenal cortex

~ epinephrine

NOT produced by the anterior pituitary

~ oxytocin

The adrenal medulla is stimulated by the "fight-or-flight" respone

~ true

Hormone concentrations in the blood under normal conditions are usually regulated by

~ negative feedback mechanisms

The thyroid gland is located

~ below the adam's apple

The hormone that helps regulate our slee-awake cycle is

~ melatonin

The hormone responsible for the maturation of white clood cels known as T lymphocytes is

~ thymosin

NOT a secondary sex characteristic brought about by testosterone secretion

~ development of breasts

Calcitonin is a hormone antagonistic to parathormone in regulation of blood calcium concentration

~ true

Both male and female sex hormones are produced by the adrenal cortex throughout life in relatively small amounts

~ true

The adrenal glands are similar to pituitary glands in that they both have glandular and neural tissue

~ true

NOT an anterior pituitary hormone

~ antidiuretic hormone

Parathyroid hormone is the most important regulator of blood calcium concentration

~ true

Insulin is produced by cells of the pancreatic islets called

~ beta cells

Stimulates other endocrine glands to secrete hormone

~ tropic hormones

Hormone that exerts its primary effects on the reproductive organs

~ follicle-stimulating hormone

Rising blood levels of aldosterone cause the kidney tubules to

~ reabsorb sodium

The endocrine system is generally faster then the nervous system

~ false

The placenta is a temporary organ formed in the uterus of pregnant women

~ true

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