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  1. Substance
  2. Neutralization Formula
  3. Chemical Formula
  4. Chemical Change Examples
  5. Personal Bias
  1. a A material that has a definite make up, chemically combined
  2. b Shows the elements in the compound and the amount of atoms in each element
  3. c Acid + Base = A salt + Water
  4. d Basing conclusions on inference rather than data
  5. e Burning, Corroding, Rusting, Bubbling

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  1. Number of protons and neutrons in an atom
  2. Solvent holds more solute than normal due to higher temperatures
  3. One that can be measured or observed
  4. Dissolving, Breaking, Tearing, Coloring, Boiling
  5. What you test or change in an experiment

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  1. NuclideA radioactive isotope nucleus


  2. NeutralizationDrawing a conclusion based on too little data


  3. Unsaturated SolutionNothing more can be dissolved into a solvent


  4. Physical Property ExamplesFlammability, Oxidation, Reaction to acid/base


  5. ControlThe thing that stays the same in an experiment