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  1. Mass Number
  2. Suspension
  3. Personal Bias
  4. Ionic Chemical Bond
  5. Substance
  1. a A material that has a definite make up, chemically combined
  2. b Number of protons and neutrons in an atom
  3. c Forms when atoms lose or gain electrons
  4. d Basing conclusions on inference rather than data
  5. e Mixture where the particles settle out

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  1. More solute can be dissolved into a solvent
  2. Above 7 on pH scale, OH negative ions, Turns red litmus paper blue, Corrosive, Electrolytes, Bitter taste
  3. Burning, Corroding, Rusting, Bubbling
  4. Two or more materials combined together, not chemically
  5. A radioactive isotope nucleus

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  1. ColloidMixture where the particles never settle out


  2. Lawa statement about something in nature that always seems to be true; based on facts and experiments


  3. Illogical ConclusionMaking an inference that is not supported by data


  4. Independent VariableResult you measure


  5. Metallic Chemical BondForms when atoms lose or gain electrons


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