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Chapter 19 Cause and Effect

Don't die.
H.B. Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin
Persuaded millions of northerners and Europeans that slavery was evil and should be eliminated
The exercise of popular sovereignty in Kansas
led to a mini prairie civil war between proslavery and antislavery factions
buchanan's support for the proslavery lecompton constitution
offended senator douglas and divided the democratic party
the dred scott case
infuriated republicans and made them determined to defy the supreme court
the 1858 illinois senate race
made lincoln a leading national republican figure and hurt douglas's presidential chances
john brown's raid on harpers ferry
convinced southerners that the north generally supported murder and slave rebellion
the splitting of the democratic party in 1860
Shattered one of the last links between the sections and almost guaranteed Lincoln's victory in 1860
the election of lincoln as president
moved South Carolina to declare immediate secession from the Union
the "lame-duck" period and buchanan's indecisiveness
paralyzed the north while the southern secessionist movement gained momentum
lincoln's rejection of the crittenden compromise
ended the last hopes of a peaceable sectional settlement and an end to the secession