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What 4 things do all animals have in common?

multicellular, heterotroph, eukaryotic, motile

What kind of circulation does an animal have?

vascular system, diffusion

what is an acoelomate?

animal lacking coelom, no body cavity

what is a psuerdocoelem?

one basic body cavity

what is a true coelem?

body cavity formation

How many germ layers does a sponge have?


What is diploplastic?

2 germ layers

what is a sac-like digestive system?

primitive, same hole for anus and mouth

what is a tube-like digestive system?

seperate anus and mouth

What is a net nervous system?

no centralization
ex.jelly fish

What is cephelization?

concentration of nerves at front of body (no brain)

what is centralization?

developed sense organs (brain)

what is open circulation?

food and oxygen is not enclosed in tubes

what is closed circulation?

food and oxygen is enclosed in tubes

what are the 3 main ways to maintain homeostasis?

source of heat, way to conserve heat, way to expel heat

What is ectothermy?

body temp. changes with environment

what is endothermy?

generate and retain heat

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