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  1. a requirement that fugitive slaves be returned from Canada
  2. economy
  3. supported the Confederacy
  4. the defeat caused northerners to face up to the reality of a long, difficult war
  5. CBAD
  1. a Fugitive slave law included all of the following except
  2. b the union's defeat in battle at bull run in 1861 was better than a victory because
  3. c Arrange the following events in chronological order: (A) great Puritan migration, (B) founding of Plymouth colony, (C) Protestant Reformation, (D) founding of Rhode Island
  4. d During the Civil war, most of the 5 civilized tribes in the Indian territory
  5. e the greatest weakness of the south during the civil war was its

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  1. After 1680, reliance of slave labor in colonial America rapidly increased because...
  2. The Revolutionary War began with fighting in ____; then in 1777-1778, fighting was concentrated in ____; and the fighting concluded in ____.
  3. The battle of Gettysburg was significant because
  4. When the Tallmadge Amendment was passed, the South thought that the amendment...
  5. The resolutions from the Hartford Convention

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  1. declare an act of Congress unconstitutionalThe immediate reason for Bacon's Rebellion was...


  2. its military alliance, sustained by political and organizational skillsThe Iroquois Confederacy was able to menace its Native American and European neighbors because of...


  3. the enforce separation of slave familiesPerhaps the slaves greatest psychological horror, and the theme of Uncle Tom's Cabin, was...


  4. Nathanael Greenecommanded Patriot troops in the South


  5. probably worse than before the warThe economic status of the average American at the end of the Revolutionary War was