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  1. its promotion of economic expansion by making credit abundant
  2. engage in significant ocean voyages of discovery
  3. no candidate received a majority of the vote in the EC
  4. 1/4
  5. Indian attacks on frontier settlements
  1. a only about ___ of white southerners owned slaves or belonged to a slaveholding family
  2. b The HOR decided the 1824 presidential election when...
  3. c Some of the more advanced Native American cultures did all of the following except...
  4. d one of the positive aspects of the bank of the united states was
  5. e The immediate reason for Bacon's Rebellion was...

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  1. Arrange these events in chronological order: (A) Boston Massacre, (B) Townshend Acts, (C) Tea Act, (D) Intolerable Acts
  2. The Revolutionary War began with fighting in ____; then in 1777-1778, fighting was concentrated in ____; and the fighting concluded in ____.
  3. Arrange the following events in chronological order: (A) great Puritan migration, (B) founding of Plymouth colony, (C) Protestant Reformation, (D) founding of Rhode Island
  4. Arrange the following events in chronological order: (A) Reformation, (B) founding of Jamestown colony, (C) Restoration, (D) defeat of Spanish Armada, (E) colony of GA founded
  5. New York and Pennsylvania were similar in that they both...

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  1. PlattsburghPerhaps the key battle in the War of 1812, because it protected the U.S. from full-scale invasion and possible dissolution, was the Battle of...


  2. renewed controversy of slavery, a possible split in the whig and democratic parties, the cession by mexico of large amount of land, a rush of settlers to new american territory in CaliforniaThe resolutions from the Hartford Convention


  3. that aimed to protect American industryThe Tariff of 1816 was the first in American history...


  4. Handsome LakeThe Iroquois leader who helped his nation revive its old customs was...


  5. some merchants made huge profits as military suppliersAs the civil war began, the south seemed to have the advantage of


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