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  1. giving women the right to vote
  2. was a uniquely New World creation
  3. were elevated as special keepers of the nation's conscience
  4. disease
  5. economy
  1. a In 1848, the Free soil party platform advocated for all except
  2. b the greatest weakness of the south during the civil war was its
  3. c The most important outcome of the Revolution for white women was that they...
  4. d The slave culture that developed in America...
  5. e The biggest disruptor of Native American life was...

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  1. Women became especially active in the Second Great Awakening because..
  2. John Marshall's rulings upheld a defense of property rights against public pressure in...
  3. Men became conquistadores because they wanted to...
  4. Men in the more settled agricultural groups in North America performed all of the following tasks except...
  5. Virginia, Maryland, the Carolinas, and Georgia were similar in that they were all...

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  1. its military alliance, sustained by political and organizational skillsThe Iroquois Confederacy was able to menace its Native American and European neighbors because of...


  2. Parliament passed the tax, not the colonistsIn 1848, the Free soil party platform advocated for all except


  3. CADBEArrange the following events in chronological order: (A) restoration of Charles II to the English throne, (B) English Civil War, (C) Glorious Revolution, (D) Protestant Reformation


  4. had a long established and fully recognized governmentthe problems that lincoln experienced as president were less prostrating than those experience by jefferson davis b/c the north


  5. abolitionismBy the 1850s, the crusade for womens' rights was eclipsed by...