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  1. Parliament passed the tax, not the colonists
  2. the president could use the army and navy to collect federal tariff duties
  3. economically dependent on the export of a staple crop
  4. reduced enlistments in the south's army
  5. enforce a tax-collection program
  1. a Virginia, Maryland, the Carolinas, and Georgia were similar in that they were all...
  2. b the force bill of 1833 provided that
  3. c The south's victory at bull run in 1861...
  4. d Colonists objected the Stamp Act because
  5. e The Articles of Confederation left Congress unable to...

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  1. After the Pequot War, Puritan efforts to convert Indians to Christianity can best be described as...
  2. early 19th century families were
  3. At the time it was issued, the Monroe Doctrine
  4. At the peace conference in Ghent, the British began to withdraw many of its earlier demands for all of the following reasons except...
  5. Some of the more advanced Native American cultures did all of the following except...

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  1. trade restrictionsthe sign of receipt of God's free gift of saving grace


  2. cherished no love for the British or any other governmentthe problems that lincoln experienced as president were less prostrating than those experience by jefferson davis b/c the north


  3. was created by the English government to streamline the administration of its colonies. eventually included NY and east and west NJ, included all the New England colonies, and was designed to bolster colonial defenseThe most important outcome of the Revolution for white women was that they...


  4. more talented military leadersAs the civil war began, the south seemed to have the advantage of


  5. most slaves lived on large plantationsThe slave culture that developed in America...