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  1. the defeat caused northerners to face up to the reality of a long, difficult war
  2. union victory meant that the southern cause was doomed
  3. Fletcher v. Peck
  4. was incapable of being enforced by the US
  5. would threaten the sectional balance
  1. a the union's defeat in battle at bull run in 1861 was better than a victory because
  2. b The battle of Gettysburg was significant because
  3. c When the Tallmadge Amendment was passed, the South thought that the amendment...
  4. d John Marshall's rulings upheld a defense of property rights against public pressure in...
  5. e At the time it was issued, the Monroe Doctrine

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  1. New York and Pennsylvania were similar in that they both...
  2. commanded Patriot troops in the South
  3. belief that from the moment of creation some souls were "saved" and others "damned"
  4. The slave society that developed in North America was one of the few slave societies in history to...
  5. The Iroquois leader who helped his nation revive its old customs was...

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  1. the French and Indian WarThe Seven Years' War was also known in America as...


  2. the American victory at New OrleansThe Seven Years' War was also known in America as...


  3. economically dependent on the export of a staple cropVirginia, Maryland, the Carolinas, and Georgia were similar in that they were all...


  4. tending cropsMen in the more settled agricultural groups in North America performed all of the following tasks except...


  5. opposition to slavery, a perfect Christian kingdom on earth, opposition to alcohol, and public prayer by womenby the mid-1800s