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  1. an unwillingness to subjugate others
  2. the Pueblo Indians destroyed every Catholic church in the province of New Mexico
  3. union victory meant that the southern cause was doomed
  4. engage in significant ocean voyages of discovery
  5. Nathanael Greene
  1. a Some of the more advanced Native American cultures did all of the following except...
  2. b The battle of Gettysburg was significant because
  3. c commanded Patriot troops in the South
  4. d The colonists who ultimately embraced the vision of America as an independent nation had in common all of the following characteristics except...
  5. e As a result of Pope's Rebellion in 1680...

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  1. The Treat of Fort Stanwix, the first treaty between the United States and an Indian nation, resulted in...
  2. one of the positive aspects of the bank of the united states was
  3. Put in order: A. Battle of Bull Run, B. Battle of Gettysburg, C. Lee's surrender at Appomattox, D. Battle of Antietam
  4. John C. Calhoun's plan to protect the south and slavery involved
  5. One of the major causes of the panic of 1819 was...

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  1. brought the colonists much-needed aid and a formal alliance with Franceafter the peninsula campaign union strategy included all of the following except...


  2. CADBEArrange the following events in chronological order: (A) Reformation, (B) founding of Jamestown colony, (C) Restoration, (D) defeat of Spanish Armada, (E) colony of GA founded


  3. the American victory at New OrleansAt the peace conference in Ghent, the British began to withdraw many of its earlier demands for all of the following reasons except...


  4. Stamp, Sugar, TownshendUnlike the ____ Act, the ____ Act and the ____ Act were both indirect taxes on trade goods arriving in American ports.


  5. George Rogers Clarkearly 19th century families were