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  1. no candidate received a majority of the vote in the EC
  2. an enemy to be wiped out
  3. had a long established and fully recognized government
  4. giving women the right to vote
  5. BACD
  1. a the problems that lincoln experienced as president were less prostrating than those experience by jefferson davis b/c the north
  2. b Arrange these events in chronological order: (A) Boston Massacre, (B) Townshend Acts, (C) Tea Act, (D) Intolerable Acts
  3. c The HOR decided the 1824 presidential election when...
  4. d In 1848, the Free soil party platform advocated for all except
  5. e New England Confederation regarded Dutch New Netherland as...

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  1. Arrange the following events in chronological order: the founding of (A) New York, (B) Massachusetts Bay, (C) Pennsylvania, (D) Plymouth
  2. John Marshall's rulings upheld a defense of property rights against public pressure in...
  3. The Articles of Confederation left Congress unable to...
  4. The introduction of American plants around the world resulted in...
  5. By the 1770s which of the following issues helped bring about a crisis of imperial authority?

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  1. fewer yeoman farmers were arriving from EuropeOn the eve of the American Revolution, social and economic mobility decreased, partly because...


  2. slavery was banned north of the 36.30' in the LA Purchase territoryThe south's victory at bull run in 1861...


  3. predestinationbelief that from the moment of creation some souls were "saved" and others "damned"


  4. the development of agricultureThe size and sophistication of Native American civilizations in Mexico and South America can be attributed to...


  5. bypassing the confederate capital at richmondafter the peninsula campaign union strategy included all of the following except...