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  1. henry clay, secretary of state
  2. would threaten the sectional balance
  3. best to establish a direct democracy
  4. getting smaller
  5. states' rights
  1. a Among other view, The Federalist, written during the ratification debate, argued that it was...
  2. b early 19th century families were
  3. c john c. calhoun's "south carolina exposition" was an argument for
  4. d When the Tallmadge Amendment was passed, the South thought that the amendment...
  5. e JQA was charged with having struck a "corrupt bargain" when he appointed ___ to become ____.

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  1. The economic status of the average American at the end of the Revolutionary War was
  2. John C. Calhoun's plan to protect the south and slavery involved
  3. The Revolutionary War began with fighting in ____; then in 1777-1778, fighting was concentrated in ____; and the fighting concluded in ____.
  4. Macon's Bill No. 2...
  5. the problems that lincoln experienced as president were less prostrating than those experience by jefferson davis b/c the north

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  1. was created by the English government to streamline the administration of its colonies. eventually included NY and east and west NJ, included all the New England colonies, and was designed to bolster colonial defenseThe Dominion of New England...


  2. Handsome LakeArrange the following events in chronological order: (A) Reformation, (B) founding of Jamestown colony, (C) Restoration, (D) defeat of Spanish Armada, (E) colony of GA founded


  3. most slaves lived on large plantationsBy the 1770s which of the following issues helped bring about a crisis of imperial authority?


  4. the development of agricultureThe size and sophistication of Native American civilizations in Mexico and South America can be attributed to...


  5. conversionThe biggest disruptor of Native American life was...