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American History 8 Chapter 14 Section 2


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transcendentalism (N)
the belief that people could transcend (rise above) material things in life
Ralph Wald Emerson (PN)
a transcendentalist who believed that Americans should follow their own beliefs instead of listening to others
Margaret Fuller (PN)
editor of the famous transcendentalist journal The Dial
Henry David Thoreau (PN)
writer of the famous transcendentalist book Walden, who believed in living simply, away from society
utopian communities (N)
groups of people that tried to form a perfect society
abstract (ADJ)
expressing a quality or idea without talking about an actual thing
Nathaniel Hawthorne (PN)
a New England writer who wrote The Scarlet Letter about Puritan life in the 1600s
Edgar Allen Poe(PN)
a poet and short story writer who is famous for the poem "The Raven"
Emily Dickinson (PN)
a famous American poet of the 1800s who wrote short, thoughtful poems
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (PN)
best-known poet of the mid-1800s who wrote popular story-poems like The Song of Hiawatha
Walt Whitman (PN)
a famous American poet of the 1800s who praised American democracy in simple, unrhymed poetry