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drag along sb

persuade sb to come

chuck in your job

leave your job

overnight sensation

becoming famous surprisingly quickly

rabbit on about sth

to talk for a long time in an uninteresting or annoying way


bad and unsuccessful

draw in to

a train approaches a station

vicious spiral

a situation which is getting worse and worse

chug along happily

living happily

sth knocks you sideways

to upset someone so much that it is difficult for them to deal with something

a rocky year

a hard, difficult year


a very fast and uncontrolled fall in the value of something

track sb down

to find sb or sth that is difficult to find by looking for information in several different places

get sb sorted

arrange things for sb


so depressing or boring that it hurts


in a hardly noticeable manner

the heavens opened

it started raining heavily


looking for talented youth

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