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Simile and example

Comparison between 2 unlike things using "like" or "as", "She was acting LIKE a pig."

Metaphor and example

Direct Comparrison between 2 unlike things, "She was a pig."

Onomatopoeia and example

A word expressing a sound, "BOOM!!!"

Personification and example

Giving human (i think PERSONifcation to remember) or characteristics to something nonhuman, "the branches DANCED in the wind"

Alliteration and example

A series of words with the same beggining consonant sound, "She sells seashells on the sea shore."

Synecdoche and example

Creating an image by using a part to represent a whole, "get your nose out of my buisness!!"

Submerged metaphor and example

Indirect or implied comparison between two unlike things. This figure of speech usually uses a verb to make the implied comparison, "our lips zipped together..."

Hyperbole and example

Extreme exageration, "I've heard you say that a MILLION times before!"

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