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Creedprofession or statement of faithApostles' Creedearly statement of the Christian faith which contains statements of faith that can be claimed by all ChristiansTrinitythe belief that there are three divine persons in one God and that, therefore, God is both personal and relational because the persons of the Trinity are in relationship with one another and with us.Reformationseries of events that took place during the 16th century resulting in the division between traditional Christians (Catholics) and Christians who disagreed with traditional teaching (Protestants)Indulgencesreduction or elimination of time spent in Purgatory after death, they were earned according to specified requirementsJohn Tetzela Dominican priest who seemed to be offering guilt-free sinning and a ticket to HeavenMartin Luthera priest who questioned official Church teaching on indulgences and the manner in which Jesus is present in the EucharistCommunion of Saintsbelief that there is a link of charity among Christians in Heaven, Christians in Purgatory and Christians on earth. The holiness of one profits the others. There is a "treasury of merit" available to those who have received Reconciliation.Exsurge DominePapal Bull excommunicating Luther unless he retracted his attack on Church doctrineDiet of WormsLuther's appearance before Charles V where he announced that he was bound by scripture alone and not by Papal decreeEdict of Wormsdeclaration that Luther was a hereticPeace of Augsburgallowed leaders to choose between Catholicism or Lutheranism, but demanded that leaders choosing Lutheranism would relinquish Church property. Religion was determined by place of residence. Anglican Church - established by King Henry VIII when the pope refused his request to divorce Catherine of Aragon in order to re-marry and conceive a male heirPeasants' RevoltGerman peasants' use of Luther's papal criticism to advance their political goalsApostolic Traditionhow the Church continues to apply God's Word within a specific context, e.g. Trinity, Mary's Virginity, Real PresenceJustification by Faiththe belief that our chance for salvation is beyond our control