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n. tendency to think favorably of something, partiality, penchant
Shirley's predilection for fatty foods only increases her cholesterol problems.
) v. to set up or influence a behavior or condition; to lay the groundwork for
A medical test to determine if a woman is predisposed to breast cancer can help her take precautions.
adj. having greater importance or influence; most common
Seven girls have the predominant role as cheerleaders, with only two boys on the squad.
) adj. most important, influential, superior
The famous young doctor was preeminent in the field of DNA research.
) v. to take the place of due to priorities, usurp
The homecoming court presentation preempted the normal halftime show.
v. dress smartly; to pride or congratulate oneself for achievement
The queen preened herself in the elaborate ceremonial robes of the past royalty.
adj. filled with meaning that has not been expressed; significant; having young developing in the uterus There was a pregnant pause in which each knew what the other was thinking.
) adj. adapted for grasping or holding
The elephant uses its trunk in a prehensile manner to grab its food.
) n. an introductory event occurring before a more important one; opening for something bigger to follow
John's act is going to be the prelude for the headliners.
adj. thought of or planned before being done; prearranged or plotted
The police believe the killing was premeditated since they found evidence of the murderer's plans in his apartment. (v.)
) n. something to be taken as e:uth without proof
A creative writing course is based on the premise that the students have some writing ability.
n. a warning or feeling that some thing will happen
Theresa had a premonition that something would happen to her sister.
adj. previous to birth
Prenatal care starting as early as possible is paramount to the birth of a healthy child.
n. the largest part or greatest amount; majority; superiority in weight, quantity, size, etc.
The preponderance of evidence made the police declare the crash an accident.
v. to possess or dominate beforehand as a prejudice
Eileen prepossessed the idea that her written article was the best, so she refused to listen to any criticism.
) adj. senseless, absurd, ridiculous
The preposterous suggestion was promptly ignored by the group.
) n. a right, privilege, exercise, by virtue of rank
The wealthy man thought society owed him such prerogatives as BMWs, estates, and plenty of money.
v. to portend, forecast or predict; prophesy Karen's tears presage a sad story about to be unfolded.
n. a sense that something is about to occur; a premonition
Ray had a presentiment that he would hear from Tony before the end of the day, and sure enough he did.
adj. highly esteemed; having an illustrious name or reputation
The rich girl was sent to a very prestigious private school.
adv. probably; supposedly
Presumably they can afford to buy a car or they wouldn't be looking.
adj. overconfident; arrogant Pete's presumptuous attitude made everyone uncomfortable.
) v. to think that something is true in advance; to assume beforehand
Theresa presupposes that Ethan will give her an engagement ring for Christmas, but Ethan is still thinking about the big step.
adj. giving the appearance of great im portance in an obvious way; showy; self-important
The movie star lives in a huge, pretentious house.
n. a false reason put forth to hide the real one
Her pretext that she was staying over with a friend was a weak one, and her mother saw through it immediately.