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  1. While you can erase the data contained in a worksheet row, you cannot delete the row itself.
  2. To make a worksheet tab green, right-click the tab, click _______, and then click green
  3. chart
  4. Patterns may be added as the background for a cell
  5. auto filter
  1. a a graphical representation of numeric data in a worksheet
  2. b False
  3. c a built-in set of filtering capabilities that you can apply to worksheet data
  4. d Tab color
  5. e True

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  1. a trusted third-party entity that issues digital certificates for use by others parties
  2. the ability to market and keep track of changes that have been made to a workbook
  3. True
  4. the entire chart and all its elements
  5. a sheet in a workbook that contains only a chart

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  1. Command tabs are divided into groups based on which paradigmtype of task to be performed


  2. If you no longer want data grouped by the values in a particular column, click the Ungroup arrow on the Data tab and then click_____?(Group)


  3. Conditional formatting rules take precedence over manual formatting that has been applied to a worksheet.True


  4. Regardless of the format applied to and displayed in a cell, its true value is shown in the formula bar.formatting


  5. While you can delete any worksheet in a workbook, you can only add new worksheets to the end of a workbook.(Group)