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  1. The Subtotal dialog box lets you specify the locations within the worksheet at which values in a column should be subtotaled.
  2. If worksheet columns D through E are hidden, the column headings will skip from C to F.
  3. What are the steps in launching Excel?
  4. change history
  5. The default width for a worksheet's columns cannot be changed
  1. a False
  2. b true
  3. c in a shared workbook, information that is maintained about changes made in past editing sessions
  4. d True
  5. e Click Start, All Programs, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office Excel 2007.

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  1. default
  2. a feature that completes text entries that you start to key in a column of data if the first few letters that you key match an exisiting entry in that column
  3. in the active cell
  4. They are always placed at the end
  5. Tab color

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  1. In Excel, if you restrict cell entries to certain data types and do not enter an Error Alert title or text, the user will not know that an entry is invalid.True


  2. Color scales, icon set, and data bars make up Excel's..False


  3. ascending ordersort order in which alphabetic data appears A to Z, numeric data appears from lowest to highest or smallest to largest, and dates appear from oldest to most recent


  4. The easiest way to select an entire row is to _____.calculate and analyze numbers based on the numeric values


  5. Cell Styles may contain predefined formatting for what?True