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  1. Which of the following appears in the title bar of grouped worksheets?
  2. Command tabs are divided into groups based on which paradigm
  3. attribute
  4. arguments
  5. When merging cells, only data in the upper _____ cell will remain
  1. a the value that a function uses to perform operations or calculations
  2. b type of task to be performed
  3. c (Group)
  4. d a formatting characteristic of text or a cell
  5. e left

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  1. False
  2. font face, font size, and special effects
  3. True
  4. a single media file including art, sound, animation, or movies
  5. False

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  1. What are the steps in launching Excel?the ability to market and keep track of changes that have been made to a workbook


  2. Which of the following lets you preview how a worksheet will look when printed?Page Layout View


  3. Where does the data you enter into the Excel worksheet appeartext, numbers, and formulas


  4. ascending orderthe entire chart and all its elements


  5. charactera letter, number, punctuation, mark, or symbol