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  1. The Format Painter can copy and paste which the following..
  2. cell
  3. The default width for a worksheet's columns cannot be changed
  4. The _______ Column Width command adjusts a column's width to fit the longest entry
  1. a False
  2. b formatting
  3. c the intersection of a column and a row in a worksheet
  4. d AutoFit

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  1. click the row heading
  2. Click Start, All Programs, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office Excel 2007.
  3. accurate, appearance
  4. the process of verifying that people and products are who and what they claim to be
  5. the entire chart and all its elements

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  1. The real strength in excel is it's ability the row heading


  2. Regardless of the format applied to and displayed in a cell, its true value is shown in the formula bar.True


  3. clipa single media file including art, sound, animation, or movies


  4. add-ina line bordering the chart plot area used as a fram of reference for measurement


  5. Calibri 11-point is the _____ font in Microsoft Excel 2007default


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