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  1. You can copy a single cell, a range of cells, or an entire worksheet
  2. character
  3. In Excel, once you have applied a filter to a range of data, you cannot remove it.
  4. Cell Styles may contain predefined formatting for what?
  5. Nonadjacent cells may be selected by using which of the following methods?
  1. a font face, font size, and special effects
  2. b a letter, number, punctuation, mark, or symbol
  3. c Select the first cell, hold down the CTRL key, and select additional cells
  4. d True
  5. e False

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  1. left
  2. False
  3. text, numbers, and formulas
  4. default
  5. (Group)

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  1. add-ina supplemental program that can be installed to extend the capabilities of excel by adding custom commands and specialized features


  2. ascending orderthe process of verifying that people and products are who and what they claim to be


  3. chart sheetthe entire chart and all its elements


  4. When you copy a worksheet, the copy will retain the original sheet's formattingThey are always placed at the end


  5. Patterns may be added as the background for a cellClick Start, All Programs, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office Excel 2007.