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  1. What option in the Move or Copy dialog box must be selected when you are copying a worksheet?
  2. When merging cells, only data in the upper _____ cell will remain
  3. change history
  4. The easiest way to select an entire row is to _____.
  5. add-in
  1. a a supplemental program that can be installed to extend the capabilities of excel by adding custom commands and specialized features
  2. b Create a copy
  3. c in a shared workbook, information that is maintained about changes made in past editing sessions
  4. d click the row heading
  5. e left

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  1. They are always placed at the end
  2. Tab color
  3. a line bordering the chart plot area used as a fram of reference for measurement
  4. the cell in which you can enter data.
  5. True

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  1. cella single media file including art, sound, animation, or movies


  2. Which of the following appears in the title bar of grouped worksheets?(Group)


  3. In Excel, if you restrict cell entries to certain data types and do not enter an Error Alert title or text, the user will not know that an entry is invalid.False


  4. If worksheet columns D through E are hidden, the column headings will skip from C to F.True


  5. The _______ Column Width command adjusts a column's width to fit the longest entryFalse