SEL Test March 12 2014

Alliance, ally/allies, allegiance, ally, allied power (adj.)
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Civil servantperson who works for the peopleCivilizeda person who lives in a city, not wildFacto do/ to makeMar/ merseala merethe sea in Francearmisticean agreement to stop fighting immediatelyditch/ trencha holephotolightphotogenica person who looks good in picturesportto carryscopeinstrument for viewingTech/technart or skilltensstretch, straintendonsa body part which holds your muscles and bonestendonitisa disorder of tendonsRNDR- reverse, N- neutral, R- driveAnarchyno leadermonarchyone kingpariarchruled by fatherArchleader/firstPatrfatheraster/astrstaraudto hearautoselfautocracyruled by one selfmobilityability to ovebenegoodbenedictionblessingbitwochrontimechronicpain all the time/ all the timechronicaldiary according to the timecredto believecredentialIDcyclecircleunicycleone cycleDermSkinDec10Dictto say or to speakDucto leadDuotwoFlex/Flecto bendFormshape/ makeFract/ Fragto breakGenbirthGeoearthGraph/Gramto writeHydrWaterStiflingvery hot and hard to breathe