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  1. successor of Nelson Mandela as leader in S.Africa in 2004
  2. 1899-1902: British cotrol of S. africa was secured after the defeat of the Dutch
  3. South Africa-implemented the policies of aprtheid
  4. a system in which raw power occupies the pursuits of political leaders and factions and constitutional rulers are manipulated for individual gain

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  1. Nelson Mandelaarrested and convicted of treason and imprisoned for 1964-1991, became first black president of S. Africa after apartheid ended


  2. patrimonial rulerule by domineering and personalistic elite;


  3. apartheidmeaning separatnessin Afrikaans, a system of division of the country's peoples based upon race and ethnic origin


  4. Fourth Republicmilitary stepped aside on may, 29 1999 and allowed for civilian rule to take affect