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  1. ANC-the organizational arm of the anti-apartheid movement
  2. military stepped aside on may, 29 1999 and allowed for civilian rule to take affect
  3. a system in which raw power occupies the pursuits of political leaders and factions and constitutional rulers are manipulated for individual gain
  4. resposivness of dominant party to ethnic and religious groupg demands

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  1. Thabo Mbekisuccessor of Nelson Mandela as leader in S.Africa in 2004


  2. Olusegun Obasanjoarrested and convicted of treason and imprisoned for 1964-1991, became first black president of S. Africa after apartheid ended


  3. patrimonial ruleSouth Africa-implemented the policies of aprtheid


  4. Boer Warmeaning separatnessin Afrikaans, a system of division of the country's peoples based upon race and ethnic origin