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Ag Mechanics Tool ID- Welding

Ag Mech CDE Tool ID- Welding

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Arc Welder Power Supply
Converts AC power to welding current. SMAW and GTAW processes use constant current power supplies and GMAW processes use constant voltage power supplies.
GMAW Welder
A constant voltage power supply with a wire electrode feed. May be used with solid or flux core wire. Commonly used with a shielding gas (required for solid wire electrode). Common shielding gasses are carbon dioxcide and argon.
Plasma Cutter
Uses an arc and compressed gas to create a plasma stream for cutting and gouging of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
Welding Helmet
A colored lens filters out harmful light rays. Lens shades typically 10-12
Leather Gloves
Gauntlet style gloves are recommended.
Electrode Holder
Connected to the welding cable and holds the electrode for SMAW process welding.
Ground Clamp
Used to connect one of the cable leads from the welding machine to the welding table or the material being welded so as to make a complete circuit.
GTAW Torch
Holds a non-consumable electrode and directs shielding gas to the weld.
Used with a constant voltage power supply and a gas source (e.g. carbon dioxide, argon) for GMAW process.
Gas Flow Regulator
Used with GMAW and GTAW to control the flow of shielding gas.
Chipping Hammer
One end of the head is shaped with a blunt point, and the other end is shaped like a cold chisel. Also called Slag hammer,
Tungsten Electrode
Non-consumable electrode used for GTAW process welding.
Tubular Wire Electrode
Tubular electrode (e.g. E-70T-L) is flux cored., and the last number is position and usability capabilities, as no gas is required for tubular flux cored rod. See Solid Welding Wire Electrode. Also called innershield wire since the shielding flux is "inside".
Solid Welding Wire Electrode
Identified in a similar manner as SMAW rod . For example ER-70S-4. Solid wire is classified in a ER means it is an electrode, 70 is tensile strength, S means it is solid wire, 4 is type of shielding gas. Shield Gases: 2. C02A-O,A-C02, 3. C02A-O,A-C02, 4. CO2, 5. CO2, 6. C02A-O, 7. C02A-O,A-C02 and C02=Carbon Dioxide, C02A-O=Carbon Dioxide, Argon and Oxygen, A-CO2 = Argon and CO2
SMAW Electrode
Electrode used in the SMAW process for example E-6010. E meaning it is an electrode, 60 means it has a tensile strength of 60,000 PSI, 1 indicates welding in all positions, 0 indicates the coating to be cellulose sodium and the welding current is DCEP or direct current electrode positive
Hard Facing Electrode
Hard facing rod is not classified by a numbering system. Each manufacturer has their own nomenclature for their particular rod.
Heating Tip
A tip with multiple orifices used to for heating metal usually for bending. Also called a rosebud.
Copper Coated Mild Steel
Available in 1/16 to 3/16 inch diameter and 36 inches long.
Cutting Tip
The larger center hole is for pure oxygen to oxidize or cut the metal.
Oxygen Regulator
The threads on the hose connector are right hand. Commonly a two stage regulator.
Tip Cleaner
It consists of several needle-like round files of different sizes.
Torch Handle
Quite often called a torch butt.
Welding Goggles
Used to protect the eyes from harmful rays and from spatter when using the welding torch.
Welding Tip
The tips come in various sizes.
Cutting Torch
It consists of valves for mixing oxygen and acetylene, and a valve lever attached to the torch handle to release oxygen which does the cutting.
Acetylene Regulator
The threads on the hose connector are left hand.
Flux Coated Brazing Rod
Generally available in 1/8 inch diameter rod.
Brazing Rod
Available in1/16 to 3/16 inch diameter and 36 inches long.
Spot Welder
Used for welding sheet metal.