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Denzel`s history test 7


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1. answerd
Brookling bridge
what did Emily Roeblinghelp complete
what did Thomas Edison invent , which he could use to record his voice
Tuskegee Institude
what did Booker T. Washington start in Alabama
what did Alexander Graham Bell invent
morse code
what is a system of dot and dashes sent across telegraph wires
light bulb
although he did not invent it , what did Thomas Edison`s work improve
what is a license that protects an invention so it cannot be copied
what was the invention that brought Thomas Edison the most success
do the most for other
according to Booker T. Washington , the happiest people are those that
what was Alexander Bell working to improve when he accidentally invented the telephone
Hampton Institude
what school did Booker T. Washington attend
his teacher
who taught Booker T. Washington how to use the Bible
Alexander Bell was interested in teaching and helping those who were
what did Booker T. Washington find when he arrived to begin a new school
Thomas Edison
who invented the first moving pictures [movies]
what did Emily Roebling earn a degree in after the bridge had been built
blue - backed speller
what was the first book Booker T. Washington
Emily Roebling
who was the first person to ride across the new bridge in New York
1. started school
2. how to repair
list two ways Booker T. Washington helped the people of Malden when he returned
'' Mary had a Little Lamb ''
name the first thing recorded on a phonograph
1.answered questions for the workers
2. gave her husband updates
list two ways Emily Roebling helped her husband build the bridge