Chapter 8: Contraception


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diminishes the likelihood of or prevent pregnancy
postcoital contraceptive
pill that that blocks or terminates pregnancy and must be taken within 72 hours after unprotected sex
refraining from sexual intercourse. 100% effective
coitus interruptus
withdrawal of the penis before ejaculation, douching, washing out the vagina immediately after intercourse. not recommended because of failure rates
only contraceptive that offers protection against STDs
subdermal implant
capsule implanted under the skin slowly releases a hormone that blocks the release of ova; surgical implant considered permanent
most effective contraceptive method
subdermal implant
least effective contraceptive method
natural family planning
intrauterine device (IUD)
device implanted in uterus
injectable contraceptive
hormonal injection on specific shcedule
oral contraceptive
pill with hormones to prevent ovulation
contraceptive patch
skin patch that releases hormones
vaginal contraceptive ring
ring inserted into vagina and release hormones
soft rubber cup that covers uterine cervix
acts as vaginal barrier to the sperm
cervical cap
small cup that fits over the cervix to prevent sperm from entering the cervical canal
vaginal spermicide
foam, cream, or jelly that is inserted into the vagina before intercourse to destroy the sperm
tubal ligation
several sterilization procedures in which both uterine tubes are blocked to prevent conception