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Lent & Triduum


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What is Lent?
a liturgical season preparing us for the Easter Triduum
How long does Lent last
40 days
What color does the church show during Lent?
What should we do to prepare for Easter during Lent?
prayer, fasting, and alms giving as ways to turn closer to God
When does Lent begin?
Ash Wednesday
When does Lent end?
Holy Thursday
What does Holy Thursday commemorate?
The Last Supper
What does Good Friday commemorate?
Jesus' Passion and death
What is Holy Saturday?
Easter Vigil, the day before Easter
What should we as Catholics do on all Friday's?
remember Christ's Passion and fast
How is Lent different?
the date changes every year & we fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday,
What is different about the Mass during Lent?
we don't say Gloria and Alleluia
What should we do during Lent?
live the stations of the cross, live simply, make special sacrafices "give something up"
What are some scriptures about Lent?
"return to me with your while heart" Joel 2:12
"a clean heart in me O God" Psalm 51
"If today you hear a voice, harden not your heart" Psalms 95
"Take up your cross and follow me" Matthew 10;25
What is Palm Sunday?
Sunday before Easter
What is the Triduum?
Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday,
the 3 days before Easter Sunday