AP Gov Unit 4: Bill of Rights

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Amendment 2
34) Explain the purpose of the 2 nd amendment
Adopted to protect states from fed interference with their power to ensure that their militias were well regulated

35) In which court case did the Court decide an individual has the right to keep
and bear arms protected under the 2 nd amendment? Which court case
incorporated this right to the states?
Amendment 4
36) Describe the exclusionary rule. What court case set this precedent?
37) Explain the inevitable discovery exception to the exclusionary rule.
38) Be able to identify (in a series of scenarios) what would constitute a
legal/illegal search
39) Define/Describe habeas corpus

Amendment 5
40) Know all 5 protections of the 5 th amendment.
41) Describe the significance of Miranda v. Arizona
42) Know what procedural due process is and what protections would be found
under that umbrella.
43) Be able to define/describe eminent domain and how it is currently applied.
44) Know when you are and aren't compensated under eminent domain laws
45) Describe the significance of Kelo v. New London
46) Explain what's legal as it pertains double jeopardy
Amendment 6
47) Know all 6 protections of the 6 th amendment
48) Describe the significance of Gideon v. Wainwright
49) Define peremptory challenge and its purpose
50) Identify and describe significance of jury selection
Amendment 8
51) Be able to describe protections contained in the 8 th amendment

52) What groups of people are not allowed (legally) to be given the death
53) What was wrong with the death penalty between prior to 1972? How did
Gregg v. Georgia define death penalty law?
54) What methods of execution are acceptable in the U.S.?
Amendment 9
55) What is the purpose of the 9th amendment?
56) What court case incorporated "zones of privacy" to the states?
Griswold v CT- The Bill of Rights created "zones of privacy" into which the government could not intrude

57) What kinds of private actions can the court not interfere with?
58) Know the significance of Roe v. Wade. What arguments did Ms. Weddington
and Mr. Flowers make to support their perspective?

59) What is the most compelling precedent case for Roe v. Wade? For
Obergefell v. Hodges?
Roe v Wade= Griswold v CT- family planning
Obergefell= Loving v VA

60) What is an ex post facto law? How can sex offender registration laws be ex
post facto?
Require sex offenders who were convicted before the passage of registration laws to register as sex offenders

61) Can you force someone to take medications for a psychological issue? Under what circumstances?
Yes, if they are a threat to themselves/others