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A Class Divided. Blue eyes and Brown eyes Experiment on Racism by Jane Elliot. Glossary by Naves https://quizlet.com/_6bz9qv

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Spiritual or social fellowship or solidarity.
(Germanor. Hermandad)
To be kind to others
Be nice to others
(Ser amable)
Treat everyone the way you would like to be treated
(Tractar als alters com voldriem ens tractessin)
To treat, treated, treated
(Tractar. Tratar
To treat, treated, treated
(Tractar. Tratar)
A person chosen to interpret laws, decide on a winner, or settle a controversy.
(Jutge, jutgessa. Juez, jueza)
To judge, judged, judged
(Jutjar. Juzgar)
It sounds like fun
It seems interesting, funny
(Sembla divertit, interessant)
Blue-eyed person
Lack melanin in the front layer of their iris- "blue" is the back layer viewed through the front
(Persona d'ulls de color blaus o clars)
Brown-eyed person
(Persona d'ulls de color marró o foscos)
Good, better than, the best
(Bo, millor que, el millor. Bueno, mejor que, el mejor)
To kick, kicked, kicked
To hit something with your foot
(Donar una patada. Dar una patada)
This is a fact
(Això és així. Esto es así)
To shake, shook, shaken
(Saccejar. Sacudir)
To stay in, stayed in, stayed in
(Quedar-se. Quedarse)
Drinking fountain
A device producing a small jet of water for drinking.
(Font d'aigua. Fuente de agua)
To wear, wore, worn
To have clothes on your body.
(Portar roba)
Are you ready?
(Estas preparat? Estás listo?)
Measure, criterion, benchmark, standard
(Regla d'una yarda de llarg. Regla de una yarda de longitude)
To keep, kept, kept
Derm. The largest organ of the body
(Pell. Piel)
Smart, smarter than, the smartest
Clever, intelligent
(Llest, més llest que, el més llest. Listo, más listo que, el más listo)
The time during which people go out to take a break
(Pausa, pati. Recreo, patio)
An area of land where children can play, especially at a school
(Pati. Patio)
Paper Cups
Cups made of paper
(Gots de paper. Vasos de papel)
The part around the neck of a shirt, blouse, jacket or coat, either upright or turned over. (Colls, collar. Cuellos, Collar)
To get out of hand
To become uncontrolled. To get out of control
(Perdre el control. Descontrolarse)
Go to lunch
(Anar a dinar. Ir a almorzar, a comer)
To go back for seconds
(Anar a repetir, repetir. Repetir)
To take something away
To deprive. To remove
E.g. It seemed like Miss Eliott was taking our best friends away from us.
(Treure, llevar. Quitar)
To call someone names
To insult someone
(Insultar, burlar-se. Insultar, burlarse)
To hit, hit, hit
To punch, to fight
To tease, teased, teased
To make fun of or attempt to provoke a person or animal in a playful way.
(Burlar-se. Burlarse)
Provoking statements that call attention to the target's flaws and imperfections. Playful vexation
(Mesquí. Mezquino)
Thinking in a quiet way, often with a serious expression on your face = pensive
(Considerat, reflexiu. Considerado, reflexivo)
Very bad or unpleasant
Deliberately cruel or violent, immoral. Violent and dangerous
(Atroç, violent. Atroz, violento)
To lie, lied, lied
To pick on someone
To criticize, annoy, or punish someone repeatedly and unfairly. To put someone down
(Recriminar constantment. Recriminar continuamente)
To put someone down
To insult, make someone feel stupid
(Ridiculitzar, fer sentit malament. Ridiculizar, empequeñecer)

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