Transformation Rules & Vocab

Rules for basic transformations

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Rotation 90
(x,y) --> (-y, x)
Negate y then change order
Rotation 180
(x,y) --> (-x, -y)
Negate Both
Rotation 270
(x,y) --> (y,-x)
Negate x then change order
reflection x-axis
(x,y) --> (x,-y)
Negate y
reflection y-axis
(x,y) --> (-x,y)
Negate x
reflection y=x
(x,y) --> (y,x)
Change order
Point reflection
(x,y) --> (-x,-y)
Translation (a,b)
(x,y) --> (x+a, y+b)
Dilation k
(x,y) --> (kx, ky)
More then one transformation where the image from the previous transformation is used as the preimage. Note work backwards right to left