Reported Speech


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Tom said, 'I want to visit my friends this weekend.'
Tom said he wanted to visit his friends that weekend.
Jerry said, 'I'm studying English a lot at the moment.'
Jerry said he was studying English a lot at that moment.
They said, 'We've lived here for a long time.'
They said they had lived there for a long time.
'I get up every morning at seven o'clock.', Peter said.
Peter said he got up every morning at seven o'clock.
Susan said, 'I can come tonight.'
Susan told me, she could come that night
She said, 'I really wish I had bought that new car.'
She told me she really wished she had bought that new car.
Jack said, 'He must be guilty!'
Jack said he must have been guilty.
He said, 'I must get going. Otherwise, I'm going to be late.'
He told me he had to get going. Otherwise, he was going to be late.
She said, 'I've worked here since I left my last job.'
She told me that she had worked there since she had left her last job.
You said, 'I will help you!'
You said you would help me!
Peter said, 'I may bring someone with me to the party.'
Peter said he might bring someone with him to the party.
My friend said, 'I will have finished my homework by the time you arrive.'
My friend told me he would have finished his homework by the time I arrived.
Marcia said, 'I have been waiting for you for over an hour.'
Marcia said she had been waiting for me for over an hour.
Alison said, 'I had eaten before you arrived.'
Alison told me she had eaten before I had arrived.
Lenny sang, 'I want to get away, I want to fly away.'
Lenny sang he wanted to get away, he wanted to fly away.
I like ice cream.
She said she liked ice cream.

I am living in London.
She said she was living in London.
I bought a car.
She said she had bought a car OR She said she bought a car.
I was walking along the street.
He said he had been walking along the street.
I haven't seen Julie.
He said he hadn't seen Julie.
i had taken English lessons before.
He said he had taken English lessons before.
i'll see you later.
He said he would see me later.
I would help, but....
She said she would help, but...
I can speak perfect English.
He said he could speak perfect English.
I could swim when I was four.
He said he could swim when he was four.
I shall come later.
She said she would come later.
I should call my mother.
She said she should call her mother.
"I might be late"
He said he might be late.
I must study at the weekend"
He said he must study at the weekend OR He said he had to study at the weekend.
Conditional tense
if you were more careful you would spot the mistake!
she said that if he had been more careful, he would have spotted the mistake.
Would you like to spend the weekend with us?
They invited her to spend the weekend with them.
He said cats were stupid.
'Cats are stupid,' he said.
He asked why cats were so stupid.
'Why are cats so stupid?' he asked.
I asked whose dog was the best.
'Whose dog is the best?' I asked.
She said kittens were cute.
'Kittens are cute,' she said.
She asked whose kitten was the cutest.
'Whose kitten is the cutest?' she asked.
He asked if kittens were cuddly.
'Are kittens cuddly?' he asked.
I asked why puppies were so poopy.
'Why are puppies so poopy?' I asked.
She asked why my puppy didn't like pudding.
'Why doesn't your puppy like pudding?' she asked.
She told me my kitten hadn't eaten its cake.
'Your kitten hasn't eaten its cake,' she said.
She told my kitten to eat its cake.
'Eat your cake, Kitten,' she said.
He asked if hamsters were helpful.
'Are hamsters helpful?' he asked.