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belief that one's land needs to be protected against immigration

Babe Ruth

Baseball player that became a national hero

Zora Neale Hurston

author whose work featured African American women as central characters


this style of music was influenced by Dixiland blues and ragtime.

Langston Hughes

writer who became a leading voice of the African American experience in the United States

Welfare Capitalism

a system in which companies allowed worker profit sharing, medical care benefits and pensions

Marcus Garvey

leader of the "back to Africa" movement

Charles Lindbergh

pilot of the first solo nonstop transatlantic flight

Duke Ellington

composer, pianist, and bandleader whose sound was a blend of improvisation and orchestration


payments Germany was required to make as punishment for starting the war

Kellogg-Briand Pact

attempted to outlaw war

Five-Party Naval LImitation Treaty

agreement to halt production of warships

Bessie Smith

singer who seemed to symbolize soul

Warren G. Harding

won presidency by appealing to American's desire to return to life as it was before the war.

Coolidge believed that part of his job

as president was to make sure that government interfered with business and industry as little as possible

Henry Ford's system for making cars

increased efficiency by dividing operations into simple tasks

Sacco and Vanzetti were viewed with suspicion

because they were Italian immigrants and anarchists.

New morality of the 1920s

glorified personal freedom

John T. Scopes was put on trial

after teaching evolution

The flowering of African AMerican arts in the 1920s became

known as the Glory Days


artistic and unconventional lifestyle in the 1920s

Mass Media

helped spread the new ideas and attitudes of the 1920s

Orville Wright

made the first crewed, powered flight in history

Great Migration

created powerful African American voting blocs in Northern cities

Police powers

a government's right to control people and property in the interest of public safety, health, welfare and morals

Herbert Hoover

established the Bureau of Aviation


illegal production and distribution of liquor

Managerial revolution

increased the ranks of the growing middle class


human beings developed from lower forms of life

Henry Ford

increased worker's wages in 1914 to $5 per day

The Ohio Gang was a

a group of Harding's friends

In the Teapot Dome scandal, Albert B. Fall

allowed private interests to lease lands containing US Navy oil reserves

An unintended effect of the Fordney-McCumber Act was

farmers could no longer sell their crops to overseas markets

The purpose of the Volstead Act was to

enforce prohibition

The golden age of Hollywood began in 1927 with the release of the first

"talking" motion picture

The Cotton Club

was a Harlem nightspot where many African American entertainers got their start

Andrew Mellon

chief architect of ecnomic policy in the United States during the 1920s

Fordney-McCumber Act

raised tariffs in an effort to protect American industry from foreign competition

Emergency Quota Act

limited immigration


the belief that one's land needs to be protected against immigrants

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