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  1. Streak
  2. ozone
  3. Science
  4. Magma
  5. Vein Mineral Deposits
  1. a property of a mineral that shows the color of its powder
  2. b hot melted rock beneath the Earth
  3. c mineral deposits left behind that fill in the open spaces created by weaknesses in rock formations
  4. d a process of observing, studying, and thinking about things to gain knowledge
  5. e sunlight reacts with waste gases to form

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  1. diplomats from around the world have focused on eliminating the use of __________________
  2. describes what will happen, but do not explain why
  3. a brown smog formed with the aid of sunlight
  4. variables that do not change in an experiment
  5. as the trough of a wave thousands of miles long approaches the shore, ___ _____ appears to drop

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  1. Smogsubstance with a pH lower than 7


  2. Surface Currentsthe property of a mineral that causes it to break with rough or jagged edges


  3. North Atlantic Deep WaterDense cold water sinks to the seafloor and forms the lower layers of the ____ ________ ____ _____


  4. Point Source Pollutionpollution that enters a body of water from a large area


  5. carsvaluable, rare, and beautiful minerals