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  1. Surface Currents
  2. Sea Level
  3. Earth Science
  4. Water Quality Agreements
  5. Density Current
  1. a study of Earth and Space
  2. b as the trough of a wave thousands of miles long approaches the shore, ___ _____ appears to drop
  3. c Canada and the U.S. helped to stop the sewege problem in Lake Erie
  4. d when more dense seawater sinks under less dense seawater, this forms
  5. e currents that are powered by wind

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  1. a personal opinion
  2. horizantal distance between the crests or troughs of two adjacent waves
  3. the density of seawater is affected by temperature and ________
  4. pollution that enters water from a specific location
  5. property of a mineral that shows how it reflects light

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  1. Vein Mineral Depositsmineral deposits left behind that fill in the open spaces created by weaknesses in rock formations


  2. Heathighest part in a wave


  3. Safe Drinking Water Actthis law ensures that drinking water is safe


  4. profitable and usefula mineral is classified as an ore as long as it is


  5. Magmavaluable, rare, and beautiful minerals