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  1. Nonpoint Source Pollution
  2. Sugar
  3. Ethics
  4. a pH scale
  5. using less electricity
  1. a deals with morals and values about what is good or bad
  2. b a measure of the strength of an acid can be obtained using a __ _____
  3. c pollution that enters a body of water from a large area
  4. d ways to support the clean air act include ________ _____ _______
  5. e Not a mineral (starts with an s)

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  1. a variable that does not change in an experiment
  2. acidic moisture that falls to the Earth
  3. property of a mineral that shows how it reflects light
  4. the density of seawater is affected by temperature and ________
  5. oocurs when the crest of a wave thousands of miles long approaches the shore

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  1. Elementhighest part in a wave


  2. Particulate Matterconsists of fine solids and liquids droplets


  3. Scientific Methoddescribes what will happen, but do not explain why


  4. Scientists use ___________ to find answers to problemsobservations and experiments


  5. Gravitational Forcessalt may be removed from seawater through ____________