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  1. Mohs Hardness Scale
  2. Vein Mineral Deposits
  3. Neap Tides
  4. Dependent Variable
  5. Crystal
  1. a SCALE invented by Friedrich MOHS to evaluate the HARDNESS of minerals
  2. b A _______ solid is a solid with a repeating arrangement of atoms
  3. c mineral deposits left behind that fill in the open spaces created by weaknesses in rock formations
  4. d the lowest tides
  5. e a variable that can change in an experiment

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  1. the property of a mineral that causes it to break with rough or jagged edges
  2. a brown smog formed with the aid of sunlight
  3. property of a mineral that causes it to break in a smooth, flat plane
  4. currents that are powered by wind
  5. lowest part in a wave

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  1. cholorflurocarbonsscientists think that water in the oceans is from vapor released by _______ into the atmosphere


  2. Spring tidesthe lowest tides


  3. Hypothesisan educated guess that can be tested


  4. Gravitational Forcessalt may be removed from seawater through ____________


  5. Wavelengthhorizantal distance between the crests or troughs of two adjacent waves


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