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  1. Crest
  2. Density Current
  3. Spring tides
  4. Safe Drinking Water Act
  5. Element
  1. a this law ensures that drinking water is safe
  2. b A mineral may be composed of more than one _______
  3. c when more dense seawater sinks under less dense seawater, this forms
  4. d the highest tides
  5. e highest part in a wave

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  1. a variable that does not change in an experiment
  2. pollution that enters a body of water from a large area
  3. a durable lightweight metal derived from minerals such as ilmenite or rutile
  4. the property of a mineral that causes it to break with rough or jagged edges
  5. describes what will happen, but do not explain why

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  1. Clean Air Actits sets goals for reducing point and nonpoint pollution sources


  2. CrystalA _______ solid is a solid with a repeating arrangement of atoms


  3. Sea Levelas the trough of a wave thousands of miles long approaches the shore, ___ _____ appears to drop


  4. Minerala naturally occuring inorganic solid with a definite chemical composition and an orderly arrangement of atoms


  5. Vein Mineral Depositsmineral deposits left behind that fill in the open spaces created by weaknesses in rock formations