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  1. Point Source Pollution
  2. landforms
  3. Gravitational Forces
  4. Streak
  5. Silicate
  1. a minerals containing silicon, oxygen, and one or more other elements
  2. b pollution that enters water from a specific location
  3. c Tides are essentially the results of ___________ ______
  4. d property of a mineral that shows the color of its powder
  5. e smog development is affected naturally by ______

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  1. a variable that can change in an experiment
  2. valuable, rare, and beautiful minerals
  3. Not a mineral (starts with an s)
  4. lowest part in a wave
  5. A _______ solid is a solid with a repeating arrangement of atoms

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  1. a pH scaleA _______ solid is a solid with a repeating arrangement of atoms


  2. Photochemical Smoga brown smog formed with the aid of sunlight


  3. Nonpoint Source Pollutionwhen more dense seawater sinks under less dense seawater, this forms


  4. Acid Raina naturally occuring inorganic solid with a definite chemical composition and an orderly arrangement of atoms


  5. Fertilizerschemicals that help plants grow