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Cyrano de Bergerac Quiz

Definitions first!
Protect Christian
What does Roxanne ask Cyrano to do in Act II?
to write letters to her
What does Roxanne ask Cyrano to make sure that Christian does in Act II?
Talking to the Cadets about his fight with the 100 men
What is Cyrano doing when De Guiche arrives at the headquarters in Act II?
What does De Guiche offer Cyrano in Act II?
Because he claims he was a lone wolf
Why does Cyrano refuse De Guiche's offer in Act II?
Making fun of his nose
How does Christian insult Cyrano in Act II?
They become friends and strive together to get Roxanne's love
What is Cyrano's reaction to Christian's insult to him in Act II?
Who loved the Beau Geste?
Who is the new cadet?
Who is considered a hero?
Who is a truly bad actor?
Le Bret
Who is Cyrano's best friend?