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European Exploration in North America and West Africa

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1.Conquered and enslaved American Indians...
2.Brought christianty and eupopean diseases to the new world..
1.Established tradeing posts and brought Christianity to the New World
1.Established settlements and claimed ownership of land
2.Learned farming techniques from Native Americans
3.Traded with American Indians
1.Believed that land should be shared and used not to be owned
American Indians
1.Europeans broght weapons and metal farm tolls
Areas of cooperationin economic interactions
2.Competition of trade
3.Diffrences in cultures
5.Language diffrence
Areas of conflict
1.Economic-Gold,natural resources,trade
2.Religious -Spread of Chiristianity
3.Competions for empire and belief in superiority of own culture
Motivating forces for exploration
1.Poor maps and navigational tools
2.Fear of unknown
3.Lack of supplies
Obstacles of explorations
1.Exchanged goods and ideas
2.Improved naviational tools and ships
3.Claimed territories
Accomplishments of exploration
South west US
Region of US explored by Spain
First settlement of Quebec and Mississppi River Valley
Region of US explored by France
Eastern Canada
Region of the US explored by England
Discovery along West Africa
Regions explored by Portugal