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Connects mouth to stomach. Moves food along using peristalisis.


Small flap of tissue that prevents food from entering the windpipe.


Strong muscular pouch breaks down solid food into a liqued form called chyme.♥

Hydrochloric acids

Kills bacteria.†


Breaks down protien®

Small intestine (20-24ft long)

Almost all of the chemical digestion takes place here.♣


Nutrients are absorbed.¶

Digestive juices

recieved from liver, pancreus, and small intestine.♠

Large intestines

Absorbs water and minerals.$
Produces vitamens with the help of bacteria.•


Short tube at the end of the Large intestine.<3
Compacts waste into solid forms called feces.:P


Releases waste to the outside.♦


Produces bile.¢


Breaks down protiens in the small intestines.™

Gall bladder

Stores bile.«


Produces enzymes to break down carbs, fat, and protien in the small intestines.

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