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west to east

how do weather patterns move across the US?

reflected or absorbed

why does only a small portion of the sun's energy reach the earth?


earth loses energy through what process?

causes seasons and wind (warm air rises cold air sinks)

What affect does the uneven heating of the earth have?

deforestation (trees suck in CO2 and let out O2. with less trees, more CO2 is in the air.) animals wont have habitats

How does cutting down the rainforest impact the enviroment?

climate is the average weather condition in an area over a long period of time. Weather is the condition of the atmospere at a particular time.

What is the difference betweeen climate and weather?

hydrosphere and atmosphere

the water cycle happens in an interaction between what two spheres?


which step in the water cycle provides fresh water to aquifers through percolation?

by creating wind which moves warm and cold air masses so moisture is also moved

how does the atmospheric circulation (convection currents) affect climate?


What does a planet need to do to have weather?

UV rays (ultraviolent rays)

Sunblock protects against

the temperature changes. Depending on the layer your in the temperature changes from hot to cold to hot to cold ect. also air pressure decreases

what happens as you increase altitude?

allows energy transfer

the atmosphere is important because....

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