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A+ Hardware Chp 1-3

Chapter 1-3
1. A serial port transmits data in parallel and is most often used by an older printer.
2. When data and instructions are not being used, they must be kept in permanent storage, sometimes called primary storage.
3. Parallel ATA, sometimes called the EIDE (Enhanced IDE) standard or the IDE standard is slower than SATA.
4. A mother board can have more than one bus, each using a different protocol, speed data path size, and so on.
5. Some very basic instructions are stored on the motherboard- just enough to start the computer, use some simple hardware devices such as monitor and keyboard, and search for an operating system stored on a storage device such as hard drive or CD.
6. To perform a computing task, software uses hardware for four basic functions: _____.
input, processing, storage, and output
7. Most input/output devices communicate with components inside the computer case through a wireless connection or through cables attached to the case at a connection called a(n) ________.
8. A device that is not installed directly on the motherboard is called a(n) __________.
9. The _______ is a group of microchips on the motherboard that control the flow of data and instructions to and from the processor.
10. A(n) _________ is a set of rules and standards that any two entities use for communication.
1. The electrical requirements for motherboards change over time as new technologies make additional demands for power.
2. Micro ATX increases the total cost of a system by increasing the number of expansion slots.
3. When removing the motherboard, you'll find a main power line, and maybe on auxiliary power line from the power supply to the motherboard.
4. The easiest way to fix a power supply sou suspect is faulty is to replace it.
5. The power supply and monitor contain enough power to give you an strong shock except when they are unplugged.
6. Motherboards that support PCI Express and have the 24-pin P1 connector are sometimes called ______ boards.
Enhanced ATX
7. The _____ form factor is a major variation of ATX and addresses some technologies that have emerged since the original development of ATX.
Micro ATX
8. The ______ is a measure of resistance to electricity.
9. A power _____ box inside a computer case that supplies power to the motherboard and other installed devices.
10. The _______ provides backup power in the event that the AC fails completely.
uninterruptible power supply
1. Generally when shopping for a gaming system, you'd need to pay attention to form factor, processor sockets, chipsets, buses and number of bus slots, and other connectors, slots, and ports.
2. Today's PC's have four or five buses, each with different speeds, access methods, and protocols.
3. PCIe is backward compatible.
4. The motherboard configuration stored in BIOS setup needs to be changed when a new floppy drive is installed.
5. Many brand-name computer manufacturers, such as IBM, Dell, and Gateway, use the same standard setup screens.
6. A _____ is the most complicated component in a computer.
mother board
7. The _____ have a lever that is used to lift the processor up and out of the socket.
zero insertion force sockets
8. Throughput is sometimes called _____.
9. ______ buses have been improved several times; there are currently three major categories and within each category, several variations of the bus.
10. A(n) ______ boot involves turning on the power with the on/off switch.