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Verb Tense Grammar Test


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I (finish / just) ... the homework.
have just finished
I (have lunch) __________________ already.
have had lunch
(he / call) __________________ you yet?
Has he called
(he / call) __________________ you last night?
Did he call
I (finish) __________________ the homework a while ago.
I (have lunch) __________________ at 1:00.
had lunch
I (run / just) __________________ 10 miles.
have just run
I (run) __________________ 10 miles last week.
I (write) __________________ an essay yesterday.
I (write) __________________ two essays this semester already.
have written
I (speak / just) __________________ to my friend about it and she agrees with us.
have just spoken
I (speak) __________________ to my friend 10 minutes ago.
Two days ago, I (watch) __________________ a Katy Perry concert on TV.
I (see) __________________ Katy Perry live in concert 3 times.
have seen
I (spend) __________________ my summer holiday in Australia last year.
I (be / never) __________________ to Australia.
have never been
She (meet / never) __________________ my mom.
has never met
She (meet) __________________ my mom last summer.
(You / see /ever) __________________ the movie Titanic?
Have you ever seen
(I / see) __________________ the movie Titanic with you! Don't you remember?!
I saw
They (play) __________________ musical instruments since they were young.
have played
They (play) __________________ musical instruments when they were young.
I (study) __________________ Spanish for 4 years. It is my favorite class.
have studied
I (study) __________________ Spanish for 4 years. It was my favorite class when I took it.
Look! They (leave) __________________ the house right now.
are leaving
They (always / tell) __________________ others what to do; they are too bossy.
are always telling
Don't listen to him. He (always / complain) __________________ about something.
is always complaining
Samantha (do) __________________ her homework at the moment.
is doing
My parents (shop) __________________ right now.
are shopping
He usually (get up) __________________ early in the morning.
gets up
He (see / not) __________________ her every day.
does not see
The baby (sleep / not) __________________ at the moment.
is not sleeping
I (read / not) __________________ a book now.
am not reading
We (go / not) __________________ to school on Sundays.
do not go
He (watch / not) __________________ the news every day.
does not watch
(you / go) __________________ on holiday with your family sometimes
Do you go
(they / play) __________________ computer games every day?
Do they play
(she / eat) __________________ dinner at the moment?
Is she eating
What (they / do) __________________ right now?
are they doing
My best friend (always / borrow) __________________ my calculator and forgetting to put it back in my backpack.
is always borrowing
She is in town because (she / visit) __________________ her grandma.
is visiting
Look! Jenny (go) __________________ to school now.
is going
Don't ask him to see his homework because he (always / forget) __________________ his homework at home.
is always forgetting
On her back, Jenny (carry) __________________ her school bag because he is on her way to school.
is carrying
It (rain) __________________ outside.
is raining
I hate going to their house. They (always / fighting) __________________, even when they are with friends.
are always fighting
Normally, Jenny (wear) __________________ black shoes.
Today Jenny (wear) __________________ red boots.
is wearing
If I (have) __________________ money left over, I (buy) __________________ an ice cream.
have will buy
If you (go) __________________ to the party, I (go) __________________ with you.
go will go
If he (knock) __________________ the door, I (no talk) __________________ him.
knocks will not talk
I (do) __________________ it if she (need) __________________ a favor.
will do needs
If the weather (be) __________________ fine, they (go) __________________ camping.
is will go
If you (lose) __________________ my book, I (buy)__________________ a new one.
lose will buy
He (do) __________________ the exercises if he (have) __________________ time.
will do has
If you (eat) __________________ your vegetables, you (get) __________________ ice-cream.
eat will get
I (stay) __________________ at home if it (rain) __________________ today.
will stay rains
If you __________________ (be) busy now, he __________________ (come) back tomorrow.
are will come
We ... to the beach if it ... warm tomorrow. go be
will go is
If we don't ..., we ... our bus. hurry miss
hurry will miss
I __________________ (visit) Paris three times in my life.
have visited
My mother __________________ (live) in London when she was a child.
Everyone _________________ (do) homework when the teacher _________________ in the class (come).
was doing came
She __________________ (lose) weight since we last saw her.
has lost
Yesterday, I __________________ (go) to the library, the post office and the supermarket.
She __________________ (live) in with us since 2010.
has lived
What __________________ (he think) when it __________________ that?! (say)
was he thinking
My parents __________________ (shop) right now.
are shopping
It always __________________ (rain) in Seattle.
He __________________ (play) basketball and baseball.
It __________________ (be) usually cold here in the winter.
Samantha __________________ (do) her homework at the moment.
is doing
We seldom __________________ (have) homework in art class.
This class __________________ (be) normally very loud.
________________________ (you / open) the door for me? My hands are full.
Will you open
He ______________________ (do) the exercises if he _____________________ time. (have)
will do has
I __________________________ (see) my family in this summer.
am going to see / am seeing
If we don't ________________________ (hurry), we ______________________ (miss) our bus.
hurry will miss
If you __________________________ (be) busy now, he ___________________________ back tomorrow. (come)
are will come
The plane _________________________ (leave) at 6:30 tomorrow morning.
The baseball game_____________ (start) at 3:30 tomorrow.
What ___________________ (you / do) this weekend?
are you going to do / are you doing
How _______________________ (he / celebrate) his birthday this year?
is he going to celebrate / is he celebrating
Look at the dark clouds; it _______________________ (rain) today.
is going to rain
You didn't study for the big exam?! You ______________________ (fail) it.
is going to fail
This needs to be corrected. -Ok. I _____________________ (correct) it.
will correct
Listen! There is someone at the door. I ______________________ (get) it for you.
will get
You like scary movies so you _______________________ (like) this one.
is going to like
We __________________ (meet) her at the cinema at 4 because the movie __________________ (start) at 4:35.
are meeting / are going to meet
What time __________________ (end) second period?
does second period end