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  1. unprecedented
  2. pristine
  3. unmarred
  4. counteract
  5. conscientious
  1. a scrupulous; thorough and careful
  2. b Flawless, without blemish
  3. c to act directly against; to prevent from affecting
  4. d pure; uncorrupted; clean
  5. e never done or known before; without previous example

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  1. not proud; modest, one who has humility
  2. an inclination to favor progress and individual freedom, generosity, generous act; breadth of mind or outlook
  3. made or done without previous preparation
  4. charming in a rustic way; naturally peaceful
  5. greatly respected; holy; sacred

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  1. underscoreto draw a line under; to put special emphasis on; a line drawn under something


  2. pessimisticfeeling gloomy and hopeless; thinking the worst


  3. eclecticarrogant and stubborn about one's (often unproven) beliefs


  4. pretensioncausing someone to feel a lower self worth or social standing


  5. autonomoussomething different from the norm