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God ________ is the one and only supreme being - the ultimate reality.
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Humans are born "___________" and uncorruptedpureThis differs with the Christian view of the sin nature - or the idea of " _______________ ______"original sinA period of "transition" between this _____________ life and the ____________ state of beingphysical, eternal_______ will be judged.DeedsA Muslim has no definite ____________ ____ ___________________.assurance of salvationAllah alone determines a person's ultimate __________ ____________.eternal destiny"gardens of _________________ _________"perpetual blissAllah has given human beings the ability to _______ & __________.think & reasonGod revealed himself though the prophet ________________.Muhammad"God's sovereign decree limits ________ __________________.human knowledgeMorality is based on the teachings of the __________.QuranIslamic law - the ______________.Shari'aMuslim life is strictly regulated by _______.lawIslam focuses more on how one lives than on ______ _________.God's graceHistory is a reflection of God's absolute ___________________.sovereigntyGoal: bring the entire world under the _______________ ______________ - creation of a unified Islamic stateIslamic communityMuslims believe in a "second coming" when the ________ comes to establish peace and justice before God's final judgement.MahdiSome Muslims believe that ________ is the MahdiJesusIslam - means __________________ or _______________.submission or surrenderAllah - Arabic for ______GodMuhammad - ___________ of IslamprophetMecca - birthplace of ___________________MuhammadSite of the ________ and the _______Kaaba, HajjMedina - ___________ burial place of MuhammadburialJerusalem - site of the ________ _____ _______ __________Dome of the RockHajj - annual ___________________ to __________pilgrimage, MeccaIt is one of the five ____________ of IslampillarsKaaba - _____________ __________ in Islamholiest siteShi'a - (Shiites) smaller more ____________ groupradical_____% of Muslims are Sunni80Sunni are more _____________ in their beliefs and practicesmoderateJihad - "_________ ______" - literally means _____________holy war, struggleQuran - it is believed to be the _______________ of GodrevelationMust be in __________ to be fully authoritativeArabicQuran means _________________recitationMullah (Imam) - Islamic ____________ and or ___________.leader, teacherMosque - Islamic place of _______________worshipMinaret - ___________ ________prayer tower_________________ has the largest Muslim population in the worldIndonesiaApproximately ____ of the world's population is Muslim25%___ ___________ Muslims live in the US11 MillionIslam is the __________ _____________ ____________ in the world todayfastest growing religion80% of Muslims are NOT ___________ArabicHajj takes place in and around __________MeccaKaaba means "________ __ ______"house of GodBelieved to be the original site of worship to the one true God established by ____________ and reestablished by _________________Abraham, MuhammadHajj seeks to retrace the pilgrimage (journey) of ____________AbrahamIhram - state of ________ ____________________ during Hajjritual purification_____ million pilgrims come to Mecca for Hajj each year2Only _____________ may participate in HajjMuslimsMuslim women must be accompanied by a _________ family membermalecircle the Kaaba _______ _________seven times____________ - reenactment of Hagar's desperate search for water for her son IshmaelStriving_______ ___ _____ ___________ ___ _________ (Plain of Arafat)Walk to the Valley of Mina___________ ____________ ___ __________ to defy temptationRitual stoning of Satan___________ _____________ made for each pilgrimAnimal sacrifice___________ ___ _____ __________ - circle and prayerReturn to the KaabaFirst Pillar of IslamOnly God (Allah) and Muhammad are the prophets of GodSecond Pillar of IslamPray five times a day facing Mecca (the Kaaba)Third Pillar of IslamHajjFourth Pillar of IslamAlms to the poor - at least 2.5% of wealthFifth Pillar of IslamRamadan - fast from dawn to dusk