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birth and growth of business that make and distribute products through the use of machinery


a business that is owned by many investors


a group of corporations that unite in order to reduce competition and control prices in a business or industry


a company that controls all productions and sales from a certain product


the growth of cities

jobs in factories and mills

what attracted people to americas rapidly growing cities in the late 1800's?

tenements, crowded slum neighborhoods

where did most workers live?

fire escapes and unlocked doors

what simple change might have prevented the death of some of the 146 workers who perished in the triangle shirt waist factory?

electric elevators

what invention made it practical to locate factories at the top of 10-story skyscrapers in the late 1800's?

andrew carnegie

who said "steel is king!" and made it happen?

the workers

what group did labor unions benefit?

better wages and shorter work weeks

what did the striking garment workers of the uprising of the 20,000 win?

largest in the country

how big was the triangle factory

terrible, no sunlight, dirty, hot, crowded, locked doors

what were the working conditions like in the triangle factory? what were the two major problems in terms of the safety of the building?

went on strike and hired non union workers

what did labor unions do to improve working conditions? how did employers react to labor unions

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