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The "includes" notes further define or provide examples to clarify assignment.


When a code is listed inside the slanted brackets, you must sequence that code after the underlying condition code.


Italicized type codes cannot be assigned as a first-listed diagnosis, because they always are listed after another code.


Eponyms can describe syndromes named for a person.


The hypertension table is located in Volume 1


To correctly code neoplasms, it is necessary to know whether the tumor is benign or malignant, as well as whether the tumor is primary, secondary, or carcinoma in situ.


The acronym ICD-9 means?

International Classification of Diseases 9th Revision Clinical Modification

E Codes are used to report

External Causes of Injury and Poisioning

ICD -9-CM codes are updated at least


Symbols, abbreviations, punctuation, and notations in ICD-9 are termed


NEC is the acronym for

Not Elsewhere Classifiable

ICD-9 codes translate the___ of services provided from verbal and narrative descriptions to nationally accepted reporting standards.

Medical Necessity

In ICD-9 NOS means

Not Otherwise Specified

Words contained within the brackets [] provide the coder with

Synonyms, alternative words, or explanatory phrases

A symbol used to denote all exclusion notes and to identify those codes that are not ususally sequenced as the first-listed diagnosis is the.

Italicized typed

In the Alphabetic Index of Vol. 2, ICD-9, nonessential modifiers are

Terms enclosed in parantheses ()

The classificatin not included in the Table of Drugs and Chemicals is

Primary neoplasm

All ICD-9 codes must be supported by.

Physician documentation in the medical record

ICD-0 contains

Codes for morphology of tumors

The glossary of Mental Disorders used to be listed in

Appendix B

The ICD-9 manual was developed based on a text by what organization?

World Health Organization

Another name for Supplementary Classification of Factors influencing Health Status and Contact with Helath Services is

V Codes

What volume of the ICD-9 is used by hospitals to report inpatient procedures?

Volume 3

What organization, in conjunction with the National Centers for Health Statistics, is responsible for maintenance of the diagnosis classifications of ICD-9 Volume 3.

Health and Human Services

What is defined as transforming written descriptions into numerical designations?






















Why would not a bnign neoplasm of nose cartilage be coded to category 213?

Excluded note - indicates the cartilage of nose

What other term does the Alphabetic Index, Volume 2 instruct you to check for under Petit's disease?

Hernia, lumbar

Auditory Neuritis

Maint term: Neuritis

Fractured Clavicle

Main term: Fractured

Urinary retention

Main term: Retention

Gouty Nephropathy

Main term: Nephropathy

Paget's disease

Main term: Paget's

Cluster headache

Maint term: Headache

Acute pneumonia

Main term: Pneumonia

Observation for high risk pregnancy

Main term: Observation

Pitting edema

Main term: Edema

Knee pain

Main term: Pain

Volume 2 of the ICD-9 manual is also known as the ____ index


_____ codes are used to report external causes of injury or poisoning

E codes

Hospitals use Volume ______ of the ICD-9 manual to report services provided to inpatients.

Volume 3

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