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General liability insurance

Provides broad coverage against claims of negligence and inappropriate action resulting in bodily harm or damage to personal property

Automobile liability insurance

Provides compensation to individuals injured by automobiles used in an event

Board of Directors Liability Insurance

Protects volunteer board members from personal liability

Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

Packaged policy that includes fire, theft and injury
Exclusions to this type of coverage may include pyrotechnics (fireworks), aerial activities, participant activities, and other activities which might be deemed high-risk

Event cancellation insurance

Provides coverage for cancellation of an event due to circumstances beyond event coordinator's control

Inclement weather

Provides coverage for cancellation of an event due to inclement weather or natural risk, rain, lightning, hurricane, or tornado

Broadcast transmission interruption

Provides coverage due to an interruption of the radio or television broadcast of an event


Also referred to as "no show"
Provides coverage if an athlete or entertainer fails to appear at an event due to accident or illness

Prize indemnity

Provides coverage when participant wins promotional contest and can also protect company against loss of income due to prize fraud

Accidental death and dismemberment

Provides coverage if an event participant suffers loss of life or limb

Temporary disability

Provides coverage for an athlete or entertainer in the event the he/she suffers an injury or illness that temporarily keeps them from working

Permanent disability

Provides coverage for an athlete or entertainer in the event that they suffer an injury or illness that permanently keeps them from working

Image protection

Provides coverage for sponsor in event that an athlete's or entertainer's actions result in negative publicity for the company


Provides coverage for damage to buildings and production sets and will also provide coverage for theft or damage to personal property and props

Producer's errors & omissions

Provides coverage for copyright infringement, libel, and plagiarism

Animal mortality

provides coverage in the event that an animal dies while being used on production set

Workman's compensation

Provides reimbursement of medical expenses for workers injured on the job

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